Monday, April 25

Sometimes you just need a little Country

I bought this cd over the weekend. I went against my personal rule of waiting until two songs are released to buy a cd by a new artist. I've both been "blahed" (not burned, necessarily) by not abiding by it (Sara Evans, Mindy McCready) but also I've been happily surprised (Norah Jones).

I went with the "Norah Jones rule of thumb", because Norah was the last artist that I discovered when her cd was $8, right before it shot up to $16 and she became overplayed. Katrina Elam's was $9.

I'd likely give this a passing grade - mabe a 4- on stars. I'm happy I've got the one song I love (Track 2 - "No End in Sight") and I really like a few others, but two of them are utterly skip-able: #4, "I want a cowboy" - good music, but typical, too-easy-rhyming lyrics, and #6 - Flowers by the Side of the Road- again, decent melody, but way too saccrine for anyone's good.

The music is a bit too polished, which was said on a review I read. They tried to make it more country by using a lot of 'fiddling' and steel guitars, but the polish is still there in boatloads. I'd like to see what she'd be like live.

She's a mix of Martina, Faith and Trisha. I wonder if she'll find her own niche. If she doesn't, She'll be done by her sophomore album. If she does, she'll be huge.

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