Wednesday, August 31

Holy. Cows.

(That's a shout out to iTones, by the way.)

I used think Bill Gates was pretty cool, but now? Google, You have my heart.

HUGE hat tip to Andrea. Click over to her post, she does a better review than I would.

Do it. You'll like it!

(I just flew from Red Lodge, MT to LSG's college - high atop a "mountain." Un.believable.)

Tuesday, August 30

Noooooooooooooooo! and Random Thoughts on the US Open

Madre made both of these points:

So, (1) this will probably be the last time American Express makes a tongue in cheek assumption about Andy's Mojo; (ackkk, you've got to watch the conclusion for true irony)

But (2) we don't believe in jinxing.

(Insult to injury: It was Andy's birthday).

Still, it's quite unbelievable that we won't get to see Roddick for the rest of the US Open. While I am always an Agassi fan first, Roddick has been moving up in the Ainsley stock lately.

-I'd MUCH rather have heard Brad Gilbert call this game, instead of McEnroe. McEnroe and Courier blather on about themselves far too much, saying nothing of consequence or interest about the players or their game. Gilbert is even handed, speaks from the view of a coach, therefore not needing to deal with the monstrous ego McEnroe can't see around.

-Second in the Noooo! category is that LSG and my favorite former-number-one-now-underdog once again has lost. As much as I admire Federer's game, am astonished by Safin, and grow to like Roddick, all the while loving Andre, nothing will keep me from watching -if they show the match - and cheering on Fererro. No matter how many times he loses!

(Photo from . )

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Monday, August 29

The offical start of National Conference Season:

I had a panic dream last night.

In it, a director of a different department was pointing out (in a fairly cavalier way, I might say!) that I only had 6 days, not four weeks, to get all my events in order, and process the 30-some registration items I'm doing.

Thankfully it wasn't the last dream I had, so I didn't wake up in the panic!

Friday, August 26

I'm a hypocrite

In this contest your challenge is to take modern products and display them in a vintage light, through advertisements.
From Worth 1000.

A Better, Larger, Clearer version

I'm a hypocrite because I think the dig at Starbucks is accurate and funny. And I'm still going to visit this business - frequently.

A word of warning: Worth 1000 is a cool website, a compilation of contests of the best and funniest photoshopped images under different categories (for example, "Mate a Movie" merges two movies to make a funnier version - "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" includes another famous Smith - not Brad Pitt.) I didn't see a lot of inappropriate images, except in the "Vintage Ads" category. A few of them were sexual in nature, and I'd rate of them as PG-13 to R. So, enjoy, but be aware that those are there.

Thursday, August 25

Back to School, Reading Blogs

Dear LSG (and everyone else),

You're back at school! And now that you're back, you'll be studying, studying, studying and...reading blogs. So, here's my update on what I read daily. (most of these are on my blogroll, but, eh. I need something to write about...)

Brittle Crazy Glass. DMM is my good friend, who lives directly upstairs for the next two days, before she moves to her new home. :) DMM, we need an update! It's almost been a week!

Dooce. LSG, we know better than for you to check the blog, of course. The rest of you, this is one of the funnier, crass-but-not-overwhelmingly-offensive weblogs on the web. She's also the most frequently read private blog in blogdom.

LarkNews. Some months its better than The Onion in satire. Actually, it IS funnier. Especially finding out your Horoscope and your Prophetic word. I highly recommend.

Of course, Ask The Pope, but LSG, you already know about it. You'll get to know Pope Benedict in ways you'd never think possible.

For the very best reminder of home: LBImaging.

See Life Differently and Palm Tree Pundit have both been on mini-hiatus, as has Le Sabot, but worthwhile blogs when you have more time to browse and read.

For the exercise of your brain, The Banty Rooster and his sister, The Radley Porch.

And finally, the blog I'm reading with much of the anticipation every day is The Shoe Blog by the Monolo. He rocks in every way. This is the blog of the clean, funny and informative, and Little Shoe Girl, It revolves around SHOES! More importantly, his latest entries have been on the shoes of the tennis! Can we ask for more? I think not.


Wednesday, August 24

Its official

GPB: Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Red
Me: Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple.

I'd tell you Madre's, but she says that the order she eats her Skittles is private. Big Little Bro eats peanut-butter M&Ms, so he doesn't enter in.

Which ones do you eat first and last?

Defeating the purpose

Seen on the side of a popular running route: Young woman, in running gear, walking and talking on her cell phone.

You can't leave it at home for 30 minutes?

Tuesday Quote

My 6th Grade teacher would put a weekly quote up on the chalkboard (before whiteboards) each week. This one stuck with me.

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."
Abraham Lincoln

Here are a few more from Mr. Lincoln:

"I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere to go. My own wisdom, and that of all about me, seemed insufficient for the day. "


"I care not much for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it."

Tuesday, August 23


The opposite of this post now needs to be said. I know Thanksgiving will come around WAY faster than I think, but I really hate saying goodbye to my sister.

Luv ya, LSG.

Saturday, August 20

A Tale of Two Movies

Within the last 4 days, I've watched two movies that both firmly live within the category of "Chick Flick."

The first, "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" sounds as though guys would go running, and honestly, they very well should. BUT, it was a date with my sister, and we both thought it was fairly cute and even a bit poignant. By the world's standard this movie is squeeky clean. By ours, it's better than average. I'd say that most people on Christian Spotlight had it right. There are a few there that took some parts a little too seriously, but as you get older, I guess you're just relieved when a movie gets through itself without those scenes that make you go, "why would they put that in there!?"

Which is the perfect segue my second movie, "The Wedding Date." Now that the guys went screaming for the exits on "Sisterhood," ladies, it's your turn. I can't tell you how glad I am that things prevented my sister and me from going to this in the theater a few months ago. I can say with full confidence that there is not a movie I can recall that nears this one in utter ...."terrible-ness." It's just horrid.
Mostly it feels as though they showed the movie to preview audiences, got such a bad review that they went back and forced it into formula. Beyond that, the script obviously wasn't very good to begin with, and with the choppy editing, you have no idea why Dermot Mulroney would fall for Debra Messing's character. I agree with Christian Spotlight again: She's always beautiful in the movie, but it's not enough for this movie. And I'm not that picky of a romantic comedy watcher.

To be perfectly honest, at the end I wished they would remake it with a FAR better writing, directing and editing. They really ruined it. Like the one lady says, just go watch Pretty Woman again.

Thursday, August 18

Wednesday, August 17

Filed under "Innnteresting."

Windows Worm Spreads Quickly - Yahoo! News

ABC News producers had to use electric typewriters Tuesday to prepare copy for their "World News Tonight" broadcast, according to spokesman Jeffrey Schneider

One wonders if the worm affected the use of the teleprompter, as I'm a (not so devoted) Fox news watcher, and didn't see it. I'm supposing not.

I'll tell you what I AM a devoted watcher of: This!

Tuesday Quote on Wednesday

"I'm just glad I made it through yesterday"

Ok, granted, I'm being the tinest bit 'cheap' on the quote, but it's true! And it's also the only thing going through my head right now. Up yesterday and at work by 6:30 a.m., worked until 8:30 p.m. between both jobs.

Now, my brother does this daily, so I shouldn't think too much of myself, but the last hour was both mind and feet numbing. Actually, come to think of it, his last day working 12-13 hour days is tomorrow! Congrats, B!

Tuesday, August 16

My new addiction - the ones I do - the rules (click on the left hand side)

I read about the craze a while ago. I started out yesterday on the one our local paper prints up. I worked on it from 1:30 to 7:30, (heh, also watching a tennis match) and finished it! In the interest of full disclosure, I should also say that we found the site that "helps you out" if you need it. I needed it - in the form of 3 filled boxes, a filled-in column and Madre and the Bro helping out in the end
(The one above is not that difficulty level, by any stretch).

Note the check mark next to "easy" on the ones I do! The Bro is more naturally talented at Sudoku, which stands to reason - computer guru, guy, blah blah blah.

Thursday, August 11

Well, most people don't anyway, so do we really need to?

Late one night, at the event I recently went to oversee, the instructor teaching basic Peacemaking skills noticed that a page was "missing" from the manual going over the "Four G's of Reconciliation." (Glorify God, Get the Log out of your own eye, Gently Restore, Go and be Reconciled) She figured out the mystery, and said this to the students the next day:

"As I was preparing to teach this, I noticed something. If you look at page 24, you'll see that 25 seems to be missing and it jumps to page 26. Now, you'll also notice that it's the second "G" - "Get the Log out of your own eye" that is missing. And as that's my least favorite "G" of the four, I wasn't too upset. BUT if you turn page 26, you'll notice that the page was just bound backwards and page 25 is there. So, we'll still have to keep "Get the Log out," but I suppose it's good that we not mess with scripture."

I get to work with the funniest people ever.

Wednesday, August 10

And I thought I had it bad...

MSN Money - Extra: Even affordable housing increasingly out of reach

I'm currently looking at the Billings housing market, planning on buying something (condo/townhome/1950's house) within the next year and a half or so. In reading this article (which I nerdily find facinating), I noticed two things:

First off, my CA Friends, you're so screwed

and secondly, My Minneapolis friends, you're going to be screwed soon: "But Lipman said cities like Tulsa and Minneapolis, which had traditionally been thought of as more affordable, are now a concern."

If you really want to feel good about your chances at owning a house(or bad - I'm not sure what Hawaii's housing is like, but I'm thinking "not cheap" ) check out the "Gauging affordibility" table about halfway down the article.

Tuesday, August 9

Tuesday Quote

A little background: Jenn is a Minneapolis friend of mine (now in CA)- one of the most fun people on earth, and can get me to go out with her just about anytime she asks - and STAY out, far past my bedtime. I returned home Saturday night after staying up with Jenn and friends until 4:30 Friday night/Saturday morning.

Ains at church: "I'm so tired."
Madre: "Jet-lag?"
Ains: "Jenn-Lag."

Sunday, August 7

Strange things happen when you grow up

Like kyping an alcoholic drink from your younger brother's legitmate stash. With his permission, of course.

But, he's legit! Its so odd to think he's old enough to buy alcohol.

Wednesday, August 3

Checking in.

Well, I've made it to the second part of my trip. Last weekend I was in St. Louis - finished that event up.

This week I'm hanging out with friends, and marveling at how few of them have either a) internet or b) a phone cord. I'm seeing the depth of my addiction - Quoth Ains to iTones (one of the few with internet): "Uh, can I get my internet fix?"

I've got a few work things to get done, and -ha ha! - neither a or b is available to me. I may end up getting my work done the old fashioned way - document to floppy, floppy to different computer, one hopefully with internet. Strangely the port in my computer (very, very old laptop) allowed me internet in STL now doesn't in minneapolis. Not sure what that's all about.

Well, I'm off. iTones and I are heading out for either a walk or shopping. I'm betting it's the latter.
With octaves of a mystic depth and height