Sunday, June 22


I'm always yt (<--- Adam's addition, as he just reached over and stabbed at the keyboard with his finger) Anyway, as I was saying, I'm always glad that Molly and Addie update their blogs semi regularly. It makes me feel like I'm keeping up with my friends back home, and even some of my STL friends.

My personal blog? pathetically, woefully neglected.

So, the quick and dirty in 4.5 seconds:

Friday was the last day of class, which now opens up 12+ hours a week for me to do things other than, wedding, things like that.

Both Adam and my cars have things wrong. Mine is likely a mildly annoying and moderately expensive muffler/exhaust problem. Adam's is almost definitely breaks, and not the "cheaper" break repair. Anyway, we're looking for God's provision in that area.

Our future aprartment (he's presently living there) is very bare, but it makes for memories that I'm sure we'll look back on and laugh about. ("Remember our first meal in our first apartment..where we sat on the floor, balancing our pizza and cheap wine?")

I'm working a lot. Weddings are expensive, and I'm not really talking about our own. Presently we know 17 couples getting married this summer (this SUMMER!) even though we're only invited to about 10 of them. Target, here we come!

Adam translated 1st John, and we read through it together. To quote Miss Molly Routson, 'You really CAN trust your translation." That said, 1st John is convicting and it was really good for us to read through.

Life is busy, but when is it not? We're both looking forward to the end of July, and the conclusion of Adam's Greek class. Then, Wedding and hanging out for a few weeks before classes start up again.
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