Thursday, October 13

Jobs, Roles, and overcoming Bitterness

Ah! the urge to write a post has overcome me again! 

I guess a follow up on my previous posts would be a good starting place. Obviously, I was pretty irritated (a nicer word than angry) about not being hired to a position that I was clearly able to do. I struggled a bit with bitterness and resentment, realizing I was blaming the person that didn't hire me for the confustion I felt regarding the future. I also realize (and realized then, too) that God ultimately was the person I was angry with. I had this perfect plan, and he didn't seem to come through.

Of course, he did come through. Just not the way I had planned or would have perceived. (Because I'm SO amazing with my ESP.)

I made a friend very early on here - a person who is friends with seemingly all of my seminary friends that studied at the college - and one day, when she was so gracious as to have coffee with me (and listen to me ramble on about counseling theory, life and frustrations regarding my future) She said, "I have a friends who is hiring an admisnistrative position at a local graduate school. Would you be interested?"

I really was.

Not only was I interested, but the person hiring actually responded to me. And she responded quickly. (There's another story in that comment, but I would have to out some people and so I will refrain. Suffice to say, Contacting a person a MONTH after you saying you'll contact them next week regarding an interview....Not so fabulous human resource management, people.) So having a quick response and setting up an interview in a short amount of time - very much appreciated.

I interviewed, was offered the job, and began it a few weeks ago.

I love it. Perhaps I love it because it doesn't require the emotional toll that being a counselor did. Perhaps I love it because my boss and I are pretty similar in humor (laughing together during the first interview was a good indication!)  Perhaps I love it because it has given me a role to have and a place to go.

Whatever the reason, I'm pretty happy with God's plan A, my plan B. Reading over the last few months of blogs is helpful to remember that he's got it all in hand, even when it's painful for me to wait.

With octaves of a mystic depth and height