Tuesday, December 30

Just can't let go

Well, this blog has been languishing for the past year or so, averaging about a post a month.

But I'm not letting it go. First, I decided to change the banner and my photo (both having been up for over a year). And second, I figured out how to post without having to sign out of everything google and sign back in with my old handle. Now this blog is associated with my new google account (since marriage) and I'll be automatically able to post.

An additional part of the problem has been our relative "poverty" level - we've decided against getting internet at the apartment. It's a $15-60/month investment that we aren't too keen on exploring because of our budget. Two, no internet at that house helps us study. Three, we have free high speed internet at the school (and our jobs), which gives us incentive to spend our work/internet time there, and spend our time together and on class reading while at the apartment.

But that all equals to my not having a lot of accessibility or time to post. Every 6 months or so, I decide to put more energy into posting (in order to keep up with friends and journal the day to day things of life). And usually I'm a bit behind.

Oh well. I'm just not ready to let it go, yet.

Monday, December 22

The Last week + Plans

Monday: Final Exam (Theories & Techniques in Counseling)
Tuesday: Flight & Travel
Wednesday: Sleeping in
Thursday: Dinner with Family
Friday: Christmas Shopping (not completed)
Saturday: Papa Murphy's Pizza (Adam: Very happy)
Sunday: RMCC, Christmas Choir, Thinking Putty & Great Dinner!
Monday: Christmas Shopping aborted, Haircut; Addiction, thy name is Cesar Millan
Tuesday: ? + Christmas Shopping, Choir Practice
Wednesday: Cookies, Happy Birthday Jennie!, Frantic wrapping
Thursday: Happy Christmas!
With octaves of a mystic depth and height