Tuesday, August 7

What I Miss about Montana

It's already in the upper 80s here in MO - add the humidity, and it's not the most pleasant outdoor experience. (Add the pollen and smog, and you have one miserable, asthmatic Hannah.)

I just checked Montana's forecast - and the projected highs are a little lower than Missouri's but the REAL difference is in the lows! I miss Montana mornings because no matter how hot it gets, the nights are cooler by 30 or 40 degrees. Refreshing!

The oppressive heat and humidity just haven't let up lately.

Thursday, August 2

she never posts

I called my friend in Minneapolis today (regarding the collapse of 35 W) and she mentioned that she thought for sure she had looked at the wrong blog because it hadn't been updated in so long. This is the story of my life.

I'm going to change my template, I think, because it's about time and also I'm having difficulties getting posts to show up in Explorer. Not that I use or like Explorer, but I understand the great majority of others do like it. This current template is one I messed with the HTML (I had one class in undergrad) and I know I probably screwed it up.

Last night we threw a great party for Sarah, my roommate - she's a quarter century. She just moved to town in June, and I was praying before the shin-dig that people would show up because I didn't have time to follow up with people after I sent the original email.

We had about 20 people in the house, and being as Sarah doesn't know how to have fun (yeah, rooiight) we ended the evening with a fun dance party, singing "Don't stop believing." Yep, we don't know how to have fun at the Bayer House.

I finished with my Systematic Theology class and am soooo happy to have gotten an A in the class. It was one of the best - when you're repenting of your sins in the middle of your required reading, you know it's doing it's job!

I'm struggling with Allergies today, but other than that, life is a little boring. I'm popping anti-histamines and drinking coffee to dry me out.

Right now I'm going to work on a talk I'm giving in November on Peacemaking, and work on the template as mentioned above. Wes and Sarah are studying Greek, and Sarah just read John 8 from the greek for the first time. It was pretty cool :) .
With octaves of a mystic depth and height