Tuesday, February 28

I know, I know.

It's mean, but it's SO FUNNY.

All during her skating, her interviews...we couldn't figure out who she looked like. Then we did.

Thursday, February 23

Holy Weddings Batman! (Vote now)

Within a 1 hour period yesterday, I listened to a voicemessage asking for my address so my friend could send me a wedding invitation for April 29th and received two wedding invitations, one for April 8th and one for the 15th. So I guess April is the new June.

It's just wedding mania - I can't believe how many weddings are on my radar right now - iTones is getting married in May (in Prague!), her reception is in July, and then these three. Madre always says that weddings come in packs, or bunches, and I'm believing her. When it rains, and all that.

As for going to any of these weddings, April 8th is out - I'd go, but I'll be out of town. I'm actually going to be in Minneapolis, the place where "April 29" will be having her wedding. I'm the most bummed that I won't be able to go to that one - she and I had hoped (without planning) that her wedding would magically fall on the weekend I'd be out in the Cities.

The REALLY REALLY hard one is April 15th. It's on the day between Good Friday and Easter! But here are the circumstances: K (bride) and W (groom) are buddies of mine from my second job. They are literally 2 out of 4 people I'm friends with that aren't associated with a) my church b) my main workplace or c) my family - Which Madre rightly commented last night "All three are really the same thing." I love both K and W, and to make matters (or guilt!) worse, I think I'm the only one from my 2nd job that they invited! But they are also getting married 6 hours away, the DAY BEFORE EASTER. Have I mentioned this? ugh.

Every time I decide against it, I think "Of all the weddings I want to go to - barring family ones - THIS would be the wedding I'd love to go to!"

So here's a poll (I like multiple choice, so you can too - just tell me in the comments which order you picked!):

What should I do about the wedding on April 15th?
Go! Dancing! Food! the bride is a blast the groom is hilarious and Easter comes around every year! It's a wedding full of new people! Drive back Sun.
Go! Just get up at 6 the next morning, Drive back with your friend Mr. Espresso, and make it in time for the extendeds' celebration of Easter!
Go! Find someone from 2nd job to go, or hire someone to drive with you. (LSG! Where are you when I need you!??) Drive back at 6 am Sunday.
Don't go! Take K and W out for a nice dinner, Spend the gas money and hotel cost on 'em and go dancing afterward. Almost as fun, much less $$
Don't go! And Don't do that previous option! You're a Sunday School teacher for crying out loud!
Don't go! Throw a huge 2nd job party with all of the 30 and under crowd (Plus the Awesome-Coworker-over-30-Guru-of-all-things-Outdoors)
Don't go! Buy yourself something nice from Banana Republic. I'M. JUST. KIDDING!
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Wednesday, February 22

Snarky Ice Skating Quote of the Week

"I asked skaters, 'Why does the costume always have all this stuff?' " said Jef Billings, a longtime designer who has dressed Peggy Fleming, Michelle Kwan and Sarah Hughes, as well as Canadian Jeff Buttle, the men's bronze medalist."They said, 'Because it makes it look like we're skating faster.'

My comment was, 'Why don't you just skate faster?"

Read CNN for the rest of the snark.

Monday, February 20

Last Week

This past week, I -

  • housesat
  • Froze - holy cow it was cold!
  • watched my first lesson for Seminary
  • read an article on Christ's view of scripture, got through it
  • tried to read a JI Packer article on inerrancy and scripture, and realized it's like eating a seriously thick steak
  • Took our new Marketing and Strategy Director and his son to the high school cross-town rivalry basketball game
  • Had an AWESOME time watching my alma mater win
  • enjoyed his and his son's British accent.
  • laughed heartily as he informed me that GPB has the kind of wiry Scottish look that, should he ever meet GPB in a pub, he'd high tail it. Dangerous man! Watch out LSG- Your boyfriend is Scottish, wiry and the kind of man you don't mess with in a bar!
  • Watched the first episode of "From the Earth to the Moon"
  • Thought, "I need to email my friend." (missionary-ing in China. Like my new word?) She emailed today!
  • Watched 3 of the last 5 Olympic ice dancers bite it. OUCH!
  • Worked, worked, worked. Well, the last two days of last week, anyway. I worked all the time, or so it seemed.
  • Found out that my co-worker who had a seizure at work (2nd job) is going into the doctor. As his self-appointed big sister, I felt relieved.
  • Caught the middle to the end of "About last night" - Rob Lowe and Demi Moore. No wonder he has no respect. What a horrendous 80s movie!
  • Taught Sunday school - God will give you every good thing!
  • fought a scratchy-throat-cold. blech.

So, that's about it! Actually, most of that happened during the weekend. This week I'm booked with things to do - studying, working and meeting with our pastor's wife/my friend for accountability/spiritual growth. Good times. This week, I hope to post interesting thoughts on what I'm learning.

Tuesday, February 14

If you thought the Muslim riots were bad...

It's just getting started.

Inflammatory Cartoon Draws Intense Reaction from Reformed Baptists

A cartoon depicting Puritan author and allegorist John Bunyan as a theological terrorist has brought bitter and acrimonious responses from Reformed Baptists around the globe. The image, originally published in the Presbyterian denominational magazine Paedo has been circulated widely and has been decried by religious leaders of all faiths as abhorrent. The editors of Paedo defend the decision to publish the cartoon, citing the cherished freedom of one denomination being able to openly mock another. Cartoon artist Archie Sprawl describes the image "I was trying to portray the violence I felt Bunyan does to the biblical text in regards the issue of baptism. I guess it got blown out of proportion a bit."

Arliss Peabody, President of the Bunyan Fan Club and Pastor of Sovereign Providential Grace Reformed Baptist Church (Pictured Below) echoed the sentiments of many, "We are not happy about this, and won't take it lying down. As you can see, we are not smiling more than usual, A lot more."

Monday, February 13

It took the Olympics

But Madre and I are now Full 'Tomato' Fans, to steal a Project Runway term. Who woulda thought we'd watch all of the Snowboarding coverage - AND learn what a 1080 is!

Saturday, February 11

Death and Taxes

Well, the first isn't anywhere near me, I don't think (Only God knows) but I have the latter done.

I was convinced by one person for about one day that the taxes I paid were accurate and worthwhile. I can't remember what he said to me to make me appreciate the taxes that I pay, but having to pay an additional $66 into the state of MT seems to be the tiniest bit rediculous.

Oh! I remember. I was in MN getting a Renter's credit of about $500 or so. Yeah, that's right. MN practically pays you to live there. Montana? not so much.

Friday, February 10

Hey! They listened! (kind of)

Remember this Meme? Well, looks like John McCain also thinks an "ala Carte" cable system is the way to go!

Holy Cow! (or Shark - Friday Photo)

Check out Christian at See Life Differently for a stunning photo. Yes, it's a bit lazy of me to link to a Friday Photo, but I like it better than anything I've got in my archives.

I think it's about time for Mrs. KB and me to head out for a photo date again!

Sunday, February 5

Commercials II

:( I missed the 0ne bud light commercial because I was blog surfing. The guys laughed all the way through it. Had to do with animals? I'll do a search. (9 Mil)

And Cadillac - nice commercial! Very compelling. I think we want 5 of 'em. ;)

Dove. Far to easy to be snarky about the self-love campaign. But then again, I've never looked to self to try make myself feel better.


Michalob - THAT was good Superbowl watching! "And now you are closed!" Good, sarcastic look at "light beer commercials."


Go Daddy is stupid. I'm not linking because come on. Could you have SOME ingenuity? here - I'll link to this.

Quoth GPB: "That'll Flop." re: Poseidon


Ok, I missed a bunch - we ate the obligatory Super Bowl Chicken Wings. I tried to be good and got the "naked wings" from Buffalo Wild wings, but I think I would have been more satisfied with the normal boneless wings.


Monster.com: "I think I told you I work with a bunch of monkeys" "Yeah, I work with a bunch of Jackasses." I chuckled - especially with the Donkey in the suit pants!

And worriesome (at the beginning) but good at the end: the H3 "It's a little monster." Good punchline.


Sprint "Song for everything." just....wierd.

And we've been Emereld Nuts commercial fans for a while. "Druid" networking. That's good.


YEA! Pirates II! Johnny Depp love felt all around the world.

And Mastercard's "McGyver" homage? Priceless! "The little things that get you through the day - one of the better Mastercard commercials they've done.


And I'm signing off for the night. Most of the commercials are now local or ...not funny. I leave you with my favorite commercials on TV.

Commercials - updated

Are commercials trying to balance the "Go Daddy"-like commercials? I thought the pre-start kinda-commerical with Harrison Ford was moderately amusing, (and clean) with it's rendition of "Oh, the places you''ll go."

But then there was the Burger King throw-back to the 30s "Whopperettes." Moderately clean, and the costumes looked fairly similar to what they were supposed to be - tomato, lettuce, mayo. Interesting and unique, if nothing else.

The Beer commercial didn't do it's job, because I don't remember if it was miller or bud. Kind of funny, but not really original, as everyone in the office is destroying it, looking for beer. forgettable.


Ok, Bud Light, with it's "Magic Fridge" was great! We all laughed.


Fed Ex, Great Job. The boys laughed throughout and it got good laughes at the end. Caveman's response to "Not my fault" was perfect.

Also, Bud light "Not Cool" was again pretty good, but the punchline was a little mundane. The last shot was humorous but "snort" humorous, not "laugh-worthy." Yup, I've now created a new category.


Piddy/Diet Pepsi "Brown and Bubbly." Sigh. boring and not one reaction from any of the 5 of us. I'm not really impressed by a lineup of famous people lipsincing.

I have no idea what to think of "V for Vendetta." I've seen two ads for it, and I'm still not sure if it's a "opening week," "Cine 7/The Buck theater" or "wait til rental" movie. Anyone?


Ha! "Cleaning the gutters." Good job again Bud light.
Ya know what? I've never noticed how much Bud Light spends on ads during the superbowl. Sheesh. At 2.5 mil for 30 seconds so far Budlight has shelled out at least 7.5 MILLION, and that first commercial could have been Bud Light, too.

LOST! ACCCCKKKK! We've got to catch up on the last 3 episodes.


ohhhhhh! The Diet pepsi/Jackie Chan "Stunt Double Diet Coke" - Ouch! But funny. Should have seen that one coming.

And Rimrock-whatever-local-car-dealership. I wonder how much they pay for commercials during this time slot.


Blogging the Superbowl

- Stevie Wonder is a much better musician than the others who were with him, but really - Do we need to be preached to by a performer? Besides, as Madre mentioned, his "its not about the religion, it's about the Relationship" was addressed by Pastor Alfred a few weeks ago, and posted by DMM.

Secondly, Poor Aaron Neville, who obviously couldn't hear the accompanying music, but did a great job, none the less. He did much better than Pink, who had the same thing happen to her about 6 years ago at the Grammys or AMAs. Can't remember which.

And bleh. Aretha did Aretha. Not my cup of tea when the National Anthem is performed.

I can't really cheer for either team. So, I'll watch the commercials with glee.

Wednesday, February 1


1. What do you watch most?
On DVD, a tie between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the West Wing. Currently, Lost.

2. What would you be embarrassed to be caught watching even though you do watch it?
Uhhh, Project Runway.

3. Write yourself into a TV show.
Ya know, I don't really want to be on TV.

4. Replace someone in a TV show.
Kate on Lost.

5. Who would you like to see out of tvland forever?
Kirsty Ally

6. Who would you like to see back?
Rob Lowe

7. Entertainment or information?

8. What makes for a good viewing experience for you?
Snappy, Snarky dialogue. Sawyer's nicknames for the other survivors.

9. Have you ever had a great idea for a special niche cable channel (like the Golf Channel or Home and Garden TV)?
No, but I always thought it would be a good idea to have people choose which cable channels they wanted to pay for, so we wouldn't have to pay for Lifetime.

10. What was your favorite show when you were a kid?
Knight Rider

11. Most memorable moment of television?
In This White House - The West Wing. Republican Ainsley is hired in the Democratic White House and Sam Seaborn starts reading her the riot act at the end of the day.
"Sam, do you think there's any chance that you could be rude to me tomorrow? Tomorrow is Saturday; I will be here. You can call me and be rude by phone or you can stop by and do it in person. 'Cause I think if I have to endure another disappointment today from this place that I have worshipped, I am gonna lose it. So if you could wait until tomorrow, I would appreciate it."

12. Most memorable moment you'd just as soon forget?
I don't remember.

13. What would you like to see again?
Project Runway - I got hooked during a Marathon last Wednesday.

I pick Anne, Amanda et al, Melodee, Tulipgirl and DMM
With octaves of a mystic depth and height