Monday, February 20

Last Week

This past week, I -

  • housesat
  • Froze - holy cow it was cold!
  • watched my first lesson for Seminary
  • read an article on Christ's view of scripture, got through it
  • tried to read a JI Packer article on inerrancy and scripture, and realized it's like eating a seriously thick steak
  • Took our new Marketing and Strategy Director and his son to the high school cross-town rivalry basketball game
  • Had an AWESOME time watching my alma mater win
  • enjoyed his and his son's British accent.
  • laughed heartily as he informed me that GPB has the kind of wiry Scottish look that, should he ever meet GPB in a pub, he'd high tail it. Dangerous man! Watch out LSG- Your boyfriend is Scottish, wiry and the kind of man you don't mess with in a bar!
  • Watched the first episode of "From the Earth to the Moon"
  • Thought, "I need to email my friend." (missionary-ing in China. Like my new word?) She emailed today!
  • Watched 3 of the last 5 Olympic ice dancers bite it. OUCH!
  • Worked, worked, worked. Well, the last two days of last week, anyway. I worked all the time, or so it seemed.
  • Found out that my co-worker who had a seizure at work (2nd job) is going into the doctor. As his self-appointed big sister, I felt relieved.
  • Caught the middle to the end of "About last night" - Rob Lowe and Demi Moore. No wonder he has no respect. What a horrendous 80s movie!
  • Taught Sunday school - God will give you every good thing!
  • fought a scratchy-throat-cold. blech.

So, that's about it! Actually, most of that happened during the weekend. This week I'm booked with things to do - studying, working and meeting with our pastor's wife/my friend for accountability/spiritual growth. Good times. This week, I hope to post interesting thoughts on what I'm learning.

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