Wednesday, June 27


Sadly I noticed that my last post was sometime in May. So, here's a quick and dirty snapshot of life in Saint Lou during the last month:

My friends are outdoorsy and artsy in a really great way. Liz and I've laid in the grass at Forest Park, looking at cloud shapes during dusk, and talking about the heart surgery God's been up to during the last few months.

Jonathan and I have eaten at an Indian restaurant more than once, and I think I'm officially addicted.

Last weekend I went to "Authentic Community at Memorial" (...or something like that title) to begin the process of associate membership. Next up, going before the Elders. (My official membership will still reside at Rocky Mtn Community Church).

I've danced to Motown Review with Liz, Becky and Mel in front of the History Museum -- with a couple hundred other people. Seeing the families have fun was the best! (there was easily 2,000 people there.)

I've been to Monday Nights at Growlers Pub more than a few times, and each time I've consumed more fries than I've wanted.

I drove 8 hours each way to see one of my best friends from college get married. I was honored to read Psalm 36:5-10 in her wedding.

I'm taking classes and reading a ton - I was skeptical of "Group Dynamics" but its a great class and a great group of students. I'm learning a lot about how I naturally act in groups, and what I can do to be a better listener and group conversation facilitator.

God's teaching me, most importantly, that I have idols that need to be more than looked at and acknowledged - I need to fight them. I've once again found that fighting the battle of my thoughts (to take them captive) is hard, hard work, but that God gives us little steps forward so that we know that we're still in his hands and being sanctified.

With octaves of a mystic depth and height