Saturday, March 22

Wednesday, March 19


Text to Molly: "I just drove past a "Ritas"!

Adam and I traveled the 15 hours to Philadelphia, spending the night in Pittsburgh, thereby cutting the travel time into two chunks (10 hours and then 5 hours). So far we've had a GREAT time, hanging out with his immediate family and friends. So far:

I spent St. Patrick's Day with a Real, straight-from-Ireland-Irishman (Adam's brother-in-law). Got my first Irish kiss (on the cheek) on St. Pattys and drank my first Guinness.

We spent time with Adam's grandparents and parents at a Cricket club last night. It was established sometime between the war of 1812 and the Civil war (they're not exactly sure when the old club house). When a 'up and coming' sport became popular, the club transformed a lot of the grass lawn used cricket games into this new 'lawn tennis" game. This particular club has hosted both the USTA and Davis cup championships. There are 70 clay, grass and hard tennis courts available for play. It was quite wonderful.

Right now we're at a Coffee house that has been converted from a shoe warehouse. It's quite gorgeous. The only problem is that I logged into my Covenant account and see on a syllubus that I need to write a paper (I knew about that) but I didn't realize that I needed a particular book. So, I will be reading like a crazy woman when we return to STL. For now I'll just enjoy my surroundings :)

*Also? I hate blogger. Well, I hate how much time I have to put into formatting the photos and text for my posts to be readable. If you're reading this in Internet Explorer, I don't know and kinda don't care if the text is all screwy. So, if you're an IE fan, switch to Firefox. It rocks IE.

Saturday, March 15

Orchid Show date

About a week ago Adam mentioned that he'd like to go to the Orchid Show at the Botanical Gardens. So we had a double date with my roommate and her boyfriend and enjoyed the delicate beauty of orchids. I took over a hundred photos, but I won't post that many.

Monday, March 10

New Sites

I am posting ....even though I should be reading more for my Midterm tomorrow. I'm becoming an expert on Psych Disorders. (not even close).

That said, My roommate and her boyfriend's websites are listed to the side. They are both fabulous and thoughtful people....far more fabulous and thoughtful that I. Or, maybe they just post their thoughts more often.

Li'l Light's latest post is very telling of life in the Bayer House. ;)

Now, back to Bi-Polar Disorder and Schizophrenia. Joy.

Tuesday, March 4

Snow Day

Sarah, Sweeping a Path. As of right now (3 hours later) it does not exist

Monday, March 3

"I'm not even sure what I'm hoping for"

The title was not said by me, but its (again) a good assessment of my own feelings. Yesterday the high was 79 with a breeze. Perfect, perfect, perfect weather to sit out with friends on the porch and listen to everyone swapping stories.

Today, the high was ...oh, somewhere in the mid 30s, rainy, sleety, freezy and altogether gross and icky out. And, as if that weren't enough, rumor (and has it that we're to expect 6-10 inches of snow (depending on who you talk to) by tomorrow afternoon.

In Minnesota, 6-10 inches would be "whoh! a few hours delay to work. Fabulous!" If even that. In MN, the MNDot trucks are out all night, in formation, scraping each snowflake off of 35E and 35W. As it falls. Before. It. Hits. The. Ground.

In Missouri? People run around screaming. Panic, fighting for that Last Little Debbie snack food (Third most purchased item after milk and eggs in MO before a snow storm. That's right. Straight from the Little Debbie District Manager's mouth...through another source, of course.)

But there is this sense of panic and the disturbing knowledge that any cognitive ability to drive has just dribbled out of the consciousness of the native Missourians. Add to that, posted "THESE WEATHER CONDITIONS WILL MAKE DRIVING EXTREMELY DANGEROUS ...IF NOT IMPOSSIBLE. MOTORISTS SHOULD SERIOUSLY CONSIDER POSTPONING TRAVEL UNTIL ROAD AND WEATHER CONDITIONS IMPROVE LATE TUESDAY AFTERNOON OR EVENING."
Run. For. Your. Lives.

So, we're expecting a snow day tomorrow. If they cancel class, it will be the 4th day this semester that they've shut the seminary down. We've already added 15 minutes to each Tuesday and Thursday night class (getting home at 9:30. oh, the joy of 3.5 hour classes.) as well as an added mandatory Saturday make-up class.

I'm not even sure what I'm hoping for.

Saturday, March 1

What Should I Blog about

"The problem is, I'm so inconsistent that only 2 or 3 people read my blog."

Not said by me, but very true about my own blog.

Taking cues from Addie and Molly:


  • A headache this morning, because of that stupid knot in my back
  • feeling behind in reading, but too scared to really see how much I need to do
  • Getting stuck in the ATL Airport on your way to San Antonio because Barak and Hillary are campaigning. Then, because you've been stuck for so long, the wedding you were flying to is now occurring, and you're still in ATL, you fly back to St. Louis. (This didn't happen to me, but my roommate's boyfriend. When he blogs about it, I'll link.)
  • Not being able to style my new haircut the way the girl did yesterday
  • Eww! The bullets on this template are horrendous. yuck. I'm too busy to try to figure out the code. They will stay.
  • Adam bringing over an "expensive" (for us) bottle of wine for dinner (the dinner he gave 4.5/5 stars)
  • home cooked lunch with these fabulous people (remember This? I got to meet the author!) I've now bookmarked their website.
  • Hanging out with the two men of the house - boyfriend of mine, boyfriend of roommate - just chatting, on a Saturday afternoon.
  • 60 degrees outside! we're taking a 5 minute walk, (because homework is a slavemaster.)
  • Having a job, getting my first paycheck!
  • An offhanded comment that he REALLY liking the bangs and the hair (without knowing I was frustrated because I couldn't style it 'right.')
With octaves of a mystic depth and height