Monday, March 3

"I'm not even sure what I'm hoping for"

The title was not said by me, but its (again) a good assessment of my own feelings. Yesterday the high was 79 with a breeze. Perfect, perfect, perfect weather to sit out with friends on the porch and listen to everyone swapping stories.

Today, the high was ...oh, somewhere in the mid 30s, rainy, sleety, freezy and altogether gross and icky out. And, as if that weren't enough, rumor (and has it that we're to expect 6-10 inches of snow (depending on who you talk to) by tomorrow afternoon.

In Minnesota, 6-10 inches would be "whoh! a few hours delay to work. Fabulous!" If even that. In MN, the MNDot trucks are out all night, in formation, scraping each snowflake off of 35E and 35W. As it falls. Before. It. Hits. The. Ground.

In Missouri? People run around screaming. Panic, fighting for that Last Little Debbie snack food (Third most purchased item after milk and eggs in MO before a snow storm. That's right. Straight from the Little Debbie District Manager's mouth...through another source, of course.)

But there is this sense of panic and the disturbing knowledge that any cognitive ability to drive has just dribbled out of the consciousness of the native Missourians. Add to that, posted "THESE WEATHER CONDITIONS WILL MAKE DRIVING EXTREMELY DANGEROUS ...IF NOT IMPOSSIBLE. MOTORISTS SHOULD SERIOUSLY CONSIDER POSTPONING TRAVEL UNTIL ROAD AND WEATHER CONDITIONS IMPROVE LATE TUESDAY AFTERNOON OR EVENING."
Run. For. Your. Lives.

So, we're expecting a snow day tomorrow. If they cancel class, it will be the 4th day this semester that they've shut the seminary down. We've already added 15 minutes to each Tuesday and Thursday night class (getting home at 9:30. oh, the joy of 3.5 hour classes.) as well as an added mandatory Saturday make-up class.

I'm not even sure what I'm hoping for.

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Megan said...

Hey, at least you have an easy commute, right? :) Really, I didn't know what I was hoping for either. I totally loved the illusion of spring on Sunday, but also sort of really love being forced to totally clear the schedule and stay home.

We lived in Colorado Springs for 10 years and, of all places, they acted just like they do here. I never could figure out why a COLORADO town wasn't better prepared. My only clue was that snow melted off so fast there, it must have been cheaper not to do anything about it and just let nature take its course. Come to think of it, that makes perfect sense for that very crunchy town...

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