Tuesday, September 27

Tuesday Quote

From Mr. and Mrs. Smith - they've spent a good part of the movie trying to kill each other, by this point.

John Smith: Admit it - you still think this will have a happy ending.
Jane: Happy endings are just stories that haven't ended yet.

(I'm sure I didn't get the quote quite right (noisy airplane, bad headphones), but it was just the thing I needed on that monday.)

Friday, September 23

Really Packing a Punch

I thought this was very interesting.

Occasionally, somebody suggests detonating a nuclear weapon to shatter a storm.

Researchers say hurricanes would dwarf such measures. For example, Hurricane Rita measures about 400 miles across.

According to the center for atmospheric research, the heat energy released by a hurricane equals 50 to 200 trillion watts or about the same amount of energy released by exploding a 10-megaton nuclear bomb every 20 minutes.

Thursday, September 22

Friday Photo

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It doesn't even begin to show how amazing the sunset was, but it's there nonetheless....

It was actually Eponine...

Your French Name is:

Amarante Renaud

LSG will know why my chosen name in French was Eponine, but if anyone else knows (the Mattsons also would know immediately) feel free to guess. OR if you feel like telling me what you chose as your High school Spanish, French or German name, I'm very curious...

Wednesday, September 21

Tuesday Quote on Wed

(This week is fly.ing by...)

"You don't have a Soul. You are a Soul. You have a body."

~C.S. Lewis

Tuesday, September 20

The sort of day that makes you want to drink your lunch

Ok, it isn't quite that bad, but a quick margarita vacation from 12-1 would have been nice. Mostly, it was just a pressure filled day at the office, realizing that the shoe you were waiting for finally dropped, but then wondering (in quite a horrified manner), "Gosh, if the shoe dropped so early in the week, what will Friday bring?"

That's when you decide to wander downstairs to the other Event Coordinator's cube, the teetotaller, or at least she goes to a church that highly frowns upon adult beverages of the fermented kind, and ask, "Feel like drinking lunch today?" To which she responds with a delighted, slightly giddy-crazy laugh; You both sigh and then return to the responsibility of not drinking your lunch.

Sunday, September 18

Heartbreak Season

If you love 'em in the good times, you gotta stand by 'em in the hard times. But they are consistant in breaking my heart each year.

Saturday, September 17


Knowing that if I had just been a bit more careful with the present CD, I wouldn't be trying to download songs from Napster, Walmart, iTunes, Yahoo, & MSN that I already have on CD. Unfortunately, the CD I have happens to be hard to get, and not downloadable. But I CAN buy it for $14.80 from Amazon. {roll eyes here}

Friday, September 16

Friday Photo

Taken outside my cousins new home - it's very likely that this view is now blocked by a house, knowing Bozeman's housing market.
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Tuesday, September 13

Tuesday Quote/Her Inner History Nerd comes out

"They basically gave them unlimited amounts of whiskey to deal with the horror of it."

~Erik Larson, author of Isaac's Storm.

The hurricane of 1900 that hit Galveston killed over 6,000 people (with estimates up to 8,000). The waterlogged sand refused to allow burials, so the residents first forced poor black workers to load up the thousands of bodies onto boats and barges and dump them into the Gulf of Mexico (the quote refers to this situation) . It didn't work, and the bodies floated back to the city. The residents were then forced to burn the bodies.

I know this post seems morbid, but the documentary by The History Channel was excellant. This was actually the deadliest natural disaster in US history - Katrina being the most expensive/most destructive.

The point Madre made: Most people in the 19th century couldn't swim.

The few photos on NOAA's website on the storm are worth the click.

And finally, How different this reporter's writing is from what we are hearing today regarding Katrina:

The story of Galveston's tragedy can never be written as it is. Since the cataclysm of Saturday night a force of faithful men have been struggling to convey to humanity from time to time some of the particulars of the tragedy.

They have told much, but it was impossible for them to tell all, and the world, at best, can never know all, for the thousands of tragedies written by the storm must forever remain mysteries until eternity shall reveal all. Perhaps it were best that it should be so, for the horror and anguish of those fatal and fateful hours were mercifully lost in the screaming tempest and buried forever beneath the raging billows.

Only God knows, and for the rest let it remain forever in the boundlessness of His omniscience.

But in the realm of finity, the weak and staggered senses of mankind may gather fragments of the disaster, and may strive with inevitable incompleteness to convey the merest impression of the saddest story which ever engaged the efforts of a reporter.

- As published Sept. 13, 1900, in The Galveston Daily News

Monday, September 12

I love days like today.

It's mushy-wet and drizzly and gray outside today. I often think that days like this one are perfect days - If you can stay home from work. These days were prevalent when I lived in the Cities, and had an especially nostalgic/reflective feel when I lived in my apartment in Downtown St. Paul (built in 1912). Things I would have done today if I still lived in STP (it goes without saying that I would have played hooky!) :

1) Made and consumed tons of coffee at home - best feeling: Wrapping your hands around a nice, thick, warm mug and staring out of the window.
2) picked up an old book and read a few chapters.
3) Listened to Trespassers William.
4) curled up in a nice, soft, warm blanket.
5) Watched a few episodes of Buffy, Season Two.
6) arranged to meet MOB for Mochas and politic talk in the afternoon
7) Made a warm, tasty casserole-y something for iTones for dinner when she got home (my apartment being on the second floor, it was warmer, comparatively speaking).
8) talked all evening with Tones, usually laughing hysterically over something no one else would have gotten.
9) wished I could repeat it the next day

As it stands, I'm going to have to corrupt Andrea or DMM or someone else to play hooky with me on these days.

Sunday, September 11

A Modified Birthday Letter

GPB and LSG last summer - photo by DMM

I wrote this two days ago, on GPB's birthday (Sept 9). I vacillated as to whether or not I should actually post it -today I decided that I didn't really care if it was a tiny bit mushy - he deserves this post!

Happy Birthday, Ghetto Phone Boy!

G, you grow daily in your spiritual walk, and you're a true Barnabas - and I hope someday everyone you know will read of him and think of you. Your care, respect and appreciation for my sister is the very best, and I'm so happy that God brought her such a great guy. You are such a steadfast friend - you've been my brother's good buddy, and you've been my good friend - especially when you've given advice and encouragement exactly when I needed it.

Most of all, though, I've watched you grow and mature during difficult situations God has given you, and I see you desire to be a real peacemaker.

We love you dearly.

(and no, I didn't get through writing this without tearing up just a little bit. I'm a softie!)

All my love. Happy Birthday G!

PS, Today you were awesome as usual, proving to me how caring and respectful you are of all of us in our family. Thank you for trusting me, and being my friend.

A day dedicated to God, but relaxing by ....

watching sports!

I wonder if most would define me as a fanatic...? I can't believe I forgot how exhilarating it is to watch football! I can't say that I'm terribly upset that Moss has been traded, and I'll miss the incredible catches he's able to accomplish, but the drama off the field...not so much. My Vikings Jersey (kids size - far less expensive!) will need to be changed, as I've worn #84 for 7 years. Number 11 will be next up.

And then, of course, there is THIS! We are waiting with bated breath - our two favorite players are in the final! Not so bad. Our favorite to win the US grand slam is Agassi (US citizen), but Federer is the likely winner, and with his ability, we're just wishing he'd resign his Swiss citizenship and come play for the U.S!

Saturday, September 10

Too late to read blogs

So, I was just surfing blogs, and as I clicked from one to another, I coulda sworn I saw a very creatively named blog. I clicked back, and stared at Manolo's for a good. long. time. Not seeing it, and knowing that The Pioneer Press used to have a section of their Bulletin Board called creative hearing, I figured this was a case of creative seeing (not hard, considering my contacts are in desperate need of change.)

But then, I threw it into Google - and I didn't believe it, but there is a blog out there named
"Narcoleptic Squirrel."

I haven't read through it much, but the title itself made me laugh. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to read about its namesake.

Thursday, September 8

I'm going to stop watching it, but it was worth it today.

This post could be subtitled "See Katie Couric speechless -- for two seconds."

Mississippi Governor gives Network News a polite smack down.

MSN Video tends to take the video clips down within about 48 hours, so check out the video titled "Mississippi Governor talks about cleanup" with that in mind.

Wednesday, September 7

Does Jesse need a dictionary?

Ok, so I decided that my original post bordered on the mean, instead of snarky, as meant.

So, here's another equally snarky post , and enjoy the "Pearls" below, which is hysterical no matter which way you cut it. :)

Tuesday, September 6

Much Better than what the Today Show is saying

I found this on www.simuljustusetpeccator.blogspot.com , a website by David Skinner, a PCA pastor in Beloxi, MS. It was linked to by www.PCAnet.org, the PCA's (my denomination)website. This was his post on September 3rd.
I thought I would just link and post a short part, but it is Just. So. Good. From C.H. Spurgeon, I'm assuming it is from his "Morning and Evening Devotions."

Morning, August 31

"On mine arm shall they trust."--Isaiah 51:5

In seasons of severe trial, the Christian has nothing on earth that he can trust to, and is therefore compelled to cast himself on his God alone. When his vessel is on its beam-ends, and no human deliverance can avail, he must simply and entirely trust himself to the providence and care of God. Happy storm that wrecks a man on such a rock as this! O blessed hurricane that drives the soul to God and God alone!

There is no getting at our God sometimes because of the multitude of our friends; but when a man is so poor, so friendless, so helpless that he has nowhere else to turn, he flies into his Father's arms, and is blessedly clasped therein! When he is burdened with troubles so pressing and so peculiar, that he cannot tell them to any but his God, he may be thankful for them; for he will learn more of his Lord then than at any other time.

Oh, tempest-tossed believer, it is a happy trouble that drives thee to thy Father! Now that thou hast only thy God to trust to, see that thou puttest thy full confidence in Him. Dishonour not thy Lord and Master by unworthy doubts and fears; but be strong in faith, giving glory to God. Show the world that thy God is worth ten thousand worlds to thee. Show rich men how rich thou art in thy poverty when the Lord God is thy helper. Show the strong man how strong thou art in thy weakness when underneath thee are the everlasting arms. Now is the time for feats of faith and valiant exploits. Be strong and very courageous, and the Lord thy God shall certainly, as surely as He built the heavens and the earth, glorify Himself in thy weakness, and magnify his might in the midst of thy distress.

The grandeur of the arch of heaven would be spoiled if the sky were supported by a single visible column, and your faith would lose its glory if it rested on anything discernible by the carnal eye. May the Holy Spirit give you to rest in Jesus this closing day of the month.

Monday, September 5

Thoughts on Katrina

I have to admit, during the past week, the words of my mouth have not been overwhelmingly sorrowful for the people of New Orleans. I am sad and sorrowful for those who have truly lost their belongings and even lives to the storm; However, most of what the news is reporting are people whining in the face of disaster. I suppose the mourning will come later. For now, the news and blogs feel justified in pointing fingers.

And so, John Piper has once again risen with his words to help us re-adjust our view of humanity and God in this disaster.

Was Katrina Intelligent Design?

Contained in that article is this quote, one that struck me as so powerful:

Our guilt in the face of Katrina is not that we can’t see the intelligence in God’s design, but that we can’t see arrogance in our own heart. God will always be guilty of high crimes for those who think they’ve never committed any.

Saturday, September 3

Update on Andy's Mojo

Yeah, the fact that I'm blogging about this is a bit stupid, but American Express actually came up with something clever in response to Andy Roddick's loss, and the subsequent jokes.

Friday, September 2

Friday Photo

DMM, and I'm fairly certain Migo is on her lap.

Before she went to the cabin, We were noticing how big Migo is getting, and how he's already starting to lose the puppy look, and get the doggie-look (still obscenely cute). So I thought I would post one of the first pictures we have of him with her.

Thursday, September 1

I kinda retract my statement

McEnroe isn't completely worthless.

Courier: (regarding Nadal, and his skintight shirt). "Also, Nadal has said that he doesn't work out at the gym."
McEnroe: "I've also never yelled at an ump."

Nadal is not my favorite. This is an understatment. I made mom smile by saying, "Can you imagine his conversation with Nike about his shirt?"

"I want it TIGHT! So the women, they can see my pectorals!"
With octaves of a mystic depth and height