Monday, September 5

Thoughts on Katrina

I have to admit, during the past week, the words of my mouth have not been overwhelmingly sorrowful for the people of New Orleans. I am sad and sorrowful for those who have truly lost their belongings and even lives to the storm; However, most of what the news is reporting are people whining in the face of disaster. I suppose the mourning will come later. For now, the news and blogs feel justified in pointing fingers.

And so, John Piper has once again risen with his words to help us re-adjust our view of humanity and God in this disaster.

Was Katrina Intelligent Design?

Contained in that article is this quote, one that struck me as so powerful:

Our guilt in the face of Katrina is not that we can’t see the intelligence in God’s design, but that we can’t see arrogance in our own heart. God will always be guilty of high crimes for those who think they’ve never committed any.

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