Thursday, June 8

Tuesdsay Quote (on Wednesday, almost Thursday)

I was reminded today of what a great wealth of quotes The West Wing was. So we'll be seeing a lot more quotes from that (thankfully-now-off-the-air-as-it-was-never-as-good-without-Emily-Procter-and-Rob-Lowe) series.

Sam: I need your help.
Ainsley: Really?
Sam: Let's not make a big deal out of it.
Ainsley: No, it's sweet that you need my help.
Sam: I don't need your help. I'm asking for your help, so let's not make a federal....
Ainsley: (pretending to talk on her cell phone) Dad, it's me. Sam's asking for my help.
Sam: Put the phone down.
Ainsley: Gotta go, dad. I need to help Sam.
Sam: You must've had them rolling in the aisles back in Georgia.
Ainsley: I'm from North Carolina.
Sam: Wherever it was that you studied baton twirling.
Ainsley: That'd be Harvard Law School.

And everyone has one, except for me...

Ipods more popular than beer

Monday, June 5

Sometimes all you need is a little time

yep, it's been a month of not blogging. I decided at about day 20 that I'd just make it a full month.

So, lots of things happened- I got a new boss (switched departments) and LSG returned from school to transfer to the local university (and get married). I've been house/dog-sitting for 3 of the last 4 weeks for two different people (six dogs total), and my final in "God and His Word" has to be taken by next Tuesday.

The actual reason I'm returning to blogging is that I received a whole box of coffee from Boca Java, and I'll be reviewing it. So far we've tried Bloggers Pajama Passion (AnyaP gives it a thumbs up) and finished Bloggers Boot Up Blend. I might even spread it around and see what others think. I don't drink coffee black, though I drink my fair share of it. Anyway, look for the review this week.
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