Thursday, June 8

Tuesdsay Quote (on Wednesday, almost Thursday)

I was reminded today of what a great wealth of quotes The West Wing was. So we'll be seeing a lot more quotes from that (thankfully-now-off-the-air-as-it-was-never-as-good-without-Emily-Procter-and-Rob-Lowe) series.

Sam: I need your help.
Ainsley: Really?
Sam: Let's not make a big deal out of it.
Ainsley: No, it's sweet that you need my help.
Sam: I don't need your help. I'm asking for your help, so let's not make a federal....
Ainsley: (pretending to talk on her cell phone) Dad, it's me. Sam's asking for my help.
Sam: Put the phone down.
Ainsley: Gotta go, dad. I need to help Sam.
Sam: You must've had them rolling in the aisles back in Georgia.
Ainsley: I'm from North Carolina.
Sam: Wherever it was that you studied baton twirling.
Ainsley: That'd be Harvard Law School.

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