Monday, July 27

Not Quite the Bummer post the last one was

I repeatedly think about this blog. And usually I think about how I should update it with some profound story, or thought, or realization.

Unfortunately, confidentiality usually requires me to shut my mouth about the latest thing I've learned, because it's generally in response to something in a session that I've just walked out of. I'm learning the art of vague, insightful stories.

However, today I realized that I've come a long way since first beginning grad school. As part of my licensure process, I'm required to meet with my supervisor once a week - primarily to keep my counsel of my clients healthy and ethical. As our Ethics prof reminded us: State licensure is not there to make you jump through hoops, but rather to keep you from harming the public at large!

All that to say, my supervisor had me and the other counselor in training discuss each others strengths and offer encouragement where we could grow.

And as I struggled to think of my own strengths, he encouraged me that I've grown in softness and empathy for clients and others. And it occurred to me much of my "I'm right just listen to me!" thinking has given way to a curiosity toward others and striving to learn what it is like for them, during this roller coaster of life.

and then I thanked God that he is faithful to change me to be like him, and that he's accepting of me all along the way, though I stumble so often.
With octaves of a mystic depth and height