Saturday, July 13

Moving Right Along

Life has been moving right along. Sometimes it feels incredibly slow, waiting for that time when you know that life will change. We have 7 more weeks before little baby is due to make an appearance. Sometimes 7 weeks sounds like "right around the corner" and other times I think it sounds "FOREVER AWAY."

But in the meantime, little aspects of life have happened. We've been moving through the days of the summer.

  • We are one day away from the end of Summer camps up on the mountain. Covenant rents out its facilities for various camps and the noise level is directly correlated with the a) age of the campers (Jr. Highers are Terrible. They literally run everywhere they go. With big, stomping  Jr. High feet) and b) the maturity of the campers. One week we had high schoolers that were surprisingly loud, though they went to bed at a reasonable hour. A few weeks later, another group of high schoolers came in - this time a group focused on student leadership. They were in bed before we were, I think! I saw them up at 7:15 in group prayer. (Oh, that all camps were like that!)
  • I'm still working - it's getting harder to concentrate each day. Not because I'm thinking about the future, but just because your mind absolutely goes to mush when you are pregnant. So, I'm sure I've made a number of mistakes my office will catch on say, oh, September 12th! 
  • Adam and I are wrestling through the options of me staying at home, me going back part time or me going back full time. It's hard to know, because there are legitimate reasons for all of them. I'm having a hard time really knowing what to do, though I have received a lot of advice from all around :)
  • PRAISE! Two co-workers (one of Adam's and one of mine) have become pregnant after struggling with infertility and going through infertility treatments. We are delighted. We continue to pray for those are on the infertility path. Another co-worker shared with Adam this week that they are starting to look into fertility options.
  •  Adam and I are reading a lot of books on parenting, baby sleep schedules/habits, birthing options - the whole gamut. It has been a fun time for us to ponder the different options and find out what each of us thinks. Amazingly enough, we have different perspectives on things. Who would have thought? < end sarcasm >
  • I miss a lot of the students that have gone. I'm always grateful for the previously mentioned camps during the summer because they help me understand how much better we have it with the college students. At least college students regularly get to bed around 11:30 or so...if only because they can't possibly make enough coffee to get through the night!
  • Most of all, I'm looking forward to the RA staff returning. I'm praying this crew is as great as our last year's group. Of course, I won't be able to know them quite as well, since I'll have other things on my mind and plate, but still hopeful for a tight-knit group.
That's about the long and short of it. Hopefully more to come as my addle-minded brain thinks of things! 
With octaves of a mystic depth and height