Tuesday, January 30

The sadness of not receiving ESPN2

This is a great article - really well written, and funny- and reminds me how much I missed watching the Best Tennis Player Of All Time (there, I said it) take apart another well-meaning, but ineffectual player.

Parlez-vous francais, Monsieur Federer?

My Brother-In-Law definitely gets the hat-tip on this one.


When DMM was at seminary, I remember her mentioning reading. And reading. And reading some more. While I knew she was reading many books (usually simultaneously), now I think there's really nothing to prepare you for the number of books you'll consume as you're in Seminary.

The thing I've learned is that in grad school, 80 or 90% of the books you'll read, you'll want to read. It's a nice change from the reading hoop-jumping for the sake of the hoop-jumping that occurs in undergrad.

Anyway, I need to go finish another 100 or so pages in my "The Heart of Evangelism" text book (Very good book) and then read the gospel of John for a few hours.

Saturday, January 27

Internet Explorer

I just realized that since the 22nd, (at least) my blog template has been completely off in Internet Explorer. Truth be told, I don't know what exactly to do with it. I'm sure I could figure it out eventually, but for the time being, I think it's easier for people just to download firefox. I'm kind of kidding, but for at least a little bit the Internet Explorer users are a) out of luck and b) probably won't know it, because the postings are all screwed up.

I definitely live with Girls

There are 29 candles lit right now in our home.

If you're wondering, there's a candelabra in the very, very pretty fireplace. It kinda looks like a creative thing from Real Simple.

Monday, January 22

I'm really, really glad my alternator went out

Last Monday I went to a Billings auto place to have my car looked over before we went on the trip down here to St. Louis. To my consternation, they informed me that the alternator wasn't performing right, and needed to be replaced. So, I dug into my savings that I put away for just this reason, and had it replaced.

Madre and I got on the road, and about two days later, as we were pulling into Rapid City, we heard a strange "Whirring" sound. I tried not to worry about it.

The next day, when it continued, we pulled over for some McDonalds and called the mechanic that replaced the alternator. He assured us that it couldn't be the alternator (not such great reassurance to me, because what else would go wrong?!), but I should have it checked out, and they would stand behind their work.

When we arrived in St. Louis, the first thing we did Saturday afternoon was take the car into Huey's Honda. We didn't tell the very nice guy, Randy, what I suspected (or hoped) it was, instead waiting for his unbiased opinion.

After turning it on, popping the hood, and a few minutes of Randy listening to parts of the car engine and...well, frankly parts I don't know even the names of...

"Did you have some work done on the alternator recently?"

(FLOODED with relief): "Yes."

Pause. "I think it's your alternator. I thought it might have been your water pump, but It's likely your alternator. When did you have the work done?"


"Yup. It's very likely it's the alternator."

We made plans for me to bring the car in on Tuesday and we left the parking lot. And the Battery light went on. I called Randy:

"The battery light just went on...Should I come back?"

"Yes! that means your alternator just went out. Bring it back in, and we'll get it done sooner than Tuesday."

A man of his word, the car was finished this morning at 10:30. I'm extremely grateful that Randy at Huey's Honda was there, that he was such a kind man, and that the Lord had that little alternator run for 3 more days before going out.

Friday, January 19

Meet me in...Oh, you get the idea

Well, besides utilizing overused cliches in a blog post, we're doing just fine in St. Louis. We arrived around 2:30 this afternoon, and I was in and "unpacked" within an hour or so. I say "unpacked" because I'm a big fan of those Rubbermaid containers, and most of my clothing has lived in some form of Rubbermaid for the last 6 years. Tomorrow, however, we go to Wally's World to get hangers. And other cheap stuff. The Billings contingent will be elated to know that Billings is, in fact, ahead of St. Louis, because we have a Super Wally World.

We had a wonderful dinner with Bruce, Sarah, Rosemary and Lydia Clark, and my (now inner) Sunday School Teacher once again received many hugs. Their kids are great!

Tomorrow I have Orientation and we're going to run some errands. AND try to get some really good barbecue.

Thursday, January 18

Hello from I-o-way

Good morning - its about 7 am or so CST and we're just getting ready for our 3rd day on the road. Madre and I've been watching "24" with alternating delight and frustration. Most of my frustration is due to Jack Bauer refusal to abide by protocol. But, I guess that's the point of 24!

Yesterday was our longest day, logging 6.5 hours in the car - we listened to the entire "Wicked" Soundtrack at one point, but mostly we've been talking, or mom will read an article from World as I stare at the PLAIN states. (Definitely know why they named 'em that.)

We still have an ETA of Friday. To those of you who heard me say repeatedly "PLEASE pray for safe, dry roads," South Dakota was really good, but coming down into Iowa was a little more stressful. According to Weather.com, we only have and hour and a half (Omaha) before the roads clear up again. Please keep praying!

Tuesday, January 16

Packing like Mad

The last couple of days have been very busy. I thought I had everything ready to go last weekend, but oh, was I wrong! However, it is amazing how much you can get packed when a) your angelic sister helps (sometimes you just need someone to say, "Are you REALLY going to use that?") b) your brother is a genius at packing a car, and c) you just work really, really hard and clean like a crazy woman.

Madre and I are leaving today at about 10:30 Montana time, and intend on staying in Rapid City or Mitchell, SD.

Thanks to the Mattsons, we are REALLY looking forward to diving into the craze over '24'!

Love to everyone at Rocky, Peacemakers, and the Routson family. Many, Many thanks!

I'm hoping to post along the way, if we get into hotels with free wifi.

Thursday, January 11

Good Quote

To get back my youth I would do anything in the world, except take exercise, get up early, or be respectable.
- Oscar Wilde

Tuesday, January 9

They make 2000 miles look fun

Ok, maybe not fun, but MORE fun than my upcoming 1300 mile drive. (Except Madre and I are going to bring "24 season 1" with us, and catch up on the craze. What did I do before my computer and iPod?)

So, Here's my friend Naums and his main squeeze Laura; Naumy being the best editor in CA. And Director. And I'm not just saying that.

UPDATE: Hm. I tried watching it, and I guess YouTube or Blogger has a limit on space or length of video. Whatever. Anyway, if you're hooked by the time you got to McDonalds, Here's the link:

Sunday, January 7

Congrats, Little Shoe Girl!

Me, Grandpa and LSG

The Bride and Groom

Maid of Honor (me :) ) and Best Man (BLB)

Madre and Bride

LSG and Her Covenant Friends (Without whom, the wedding decorations would NOT have happened, because they were so servant-hearted and worked SO Hard!)

More Wedding Photos

(Obviously, this will be the
"Christmas" Photo -- sent out late!)

Pinning a corsage onto Joy's sweater

Saturday, January 6

Day 18 - The disaster before the move

1:30 - return home to pack
2:00 - Drag out everything. Put into Box 1 (Staying in Billings) or Box 2 (Going to STL).
3:02 - Overwhelmed
3:05 - "I have TOO MUCH STUFF"
3:14 - Update iTunes
3:30 - Keira Knightly in Pride and Prejudice. Photos in Box
3:52 - Zone out. Email: "How big is the closet?"
4:00 - Clean out Shoes
4:17 - "Mom, what do I do with little pictures Sunday School kids drew for me?" "Save 'em"
5:00 - Clothing will be dealt with tomorrow.
5:37 - Mr. Daaa-rcy
6:00 - The Disaster before the Move

Friday, January 5

Friday Quote

"Ahhhhgggh! I thrive in chaos - If I'm not living in chaos, I'm creating it!"

Jenn Stranded on a Desert Island

Wednesday, January 3

iPod Ignorant

Happy Birthday to Me! Madre, Pops and Big Little Brother chipped in and got me a new iPod -- the cool one that plays video.

Except if you are a blogger named Hannah. Then, not so much video playing.

I think I figured out how to convert Video Podcasts to ...well, whatever format they need to be in to play on my iPod. Except, as much as I love Dr. John Piper, the conversion process is 100! Years! Long!

If anyone knows why this is taking so long, and what I can do to change it, please feel free to post it in the comments.
With octaves of a mystic depth and height