Monday, January 22

I'm really, really glad my alternator went out

Last Monday I went to a Billings auto place to have my car looked over before we went on the trip down here to St. Louis. To my consternation, they informed me that the alternator wasn't performing right, and needed to be replaced. So, I dug into my savings that I put away for just this reason, and had it replaced.

Madre and I got on the road, and about two days later, as we were pulling into Rapid City, we heard a strange "Whirring" sound. I tried not to worry about it.

The next day, when it continued, we pulled over for some McDonalds and called the mechanic that replaced the alternator. He assured us that it couldn't be the alternator (not such great reassurance to me, because what else would go wrong?!), but I should have it checked out, and they would stand behind their work.

When we arrived in St. Louis, the first thing we did Saturday afternoon was take the car into Huey's Honda. We didn't tell the very nice guy, Randy, what I suspected (or hoped) it was, instead waiting for his unbiased opinion.

After turning it on, popping the hood, and a few minutes of Randy listening to parts of the car engine and...well, frankly parts I don't know even the names of...

"Did you have some work done on the alternator recently?"

(FLOODED with relief): "Yes."

Pause. "I think it's your alternator. I thought it might have been your water pump, but It's likely your alternator. When did you have the work done?"


"Yup. It's very likely it's the alternator."

We made plans for me to bring the car in on Tuesday and we left the parking lot. And the Battery light went on. I called Randy:

"The battery light just went on...Should I come back?"

"Yes! that means your alternator just went out. Bring it back in, and we'll get it done sooner than Tuesday."

A man of his word, the car was finished this morning at 10:30. I'm extremely grateful that Randy at Huey's Honda was there, that he was such a kind man, and that the Lord had that little alternator run for 3 more days before going out.

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