Friday, January 19

Meet me in...Oh, you get the idea

Well, besides utilizing overused cliches in a blog post, we're doing just fine in St. Louis. We arrived around 2:30 this afternoon, and I was in and "unpacked" within an hour or so. I say "unpacked" because I'm a big fan of those Rubbermaid containers, and most of my clothing has lived in some form of Rubbermaid for the last 6 years. Tomorrow, however, we go to Wally's World to get hangers. And other cheap stuff. The Billings contingent will be elated to know that Billings is, in fact, ahead of St. Louis, because we have a Super Wally World.

We had a wonderful dinner with Bruce, Sarah, Rosemary and Lydia Clark, and my (now inner) Sunday School Teacher once again received many hugs. Their kids are great!

Tomorrow I have Orientation and we're going to run some errands. AND try to get some really good barbecue.

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