Thursday, January 18

Hello from I-o-way

Good morning - its about 7 am or so CST and we're just getting ready for our 3rd day on the road. Madre and I've been watching "24" with alternating delight and frustration. Most of my frustration is due to Jack Bauer refusal to abide by protocol. But, I guess that's the point of 24!

Yesterday was our longest day, logging 6.5 hours in the car - we listened to the entire "Wicked" Soundtrack at one point, but mostly we've been talking, or mom will read an article from World as I stare at the PLAIN states. (Definitely know why they named 'em that.)

We still have an ETA of Friday. To those of you who heard me say repeatedly "PLEASE pray for safe, dry roads," South Dakota was really good, but coming down into Iowa was a little more stressful. According to, we only have and hour and a half (Omaha) before the roads clear up again. Please keep praying!

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