Tuesday, January 16

Packing like Mad

The last couple of days have been very busy. I thought I had everything ready to go last weekend, but oh, was I wrong! However, it is amazing how much you can get packed when a) your angelic sister helps (sometimes you just need someone to say, "Are you REALLY going to use that?") b) your brother is a genius at packing a car, and c) you just work really, really hard and clean like a crazy woman.

Madre and I are leaving today at about 10:30 Montana time, and intend on staying in Rapid City or Mitchell, SD.

Thanks to the Mattsons, we are REALLY looking forward to diving into the craze over '24'!

Love to everyone at Rocky, Peacemakers, and the Routson family. Many, Many thanks!

I'm hoping to post along the way, if we get into hotels with free wifi.

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