Friday, October 19

Quote Worthy

I think people are only interested in (a relationship) three times: When you get together, when you break up, and when you have a baby."


Monday, October 15

I swore I'd never be that kind of mom

I got a taste of "real" motherhood this morning. For the last year, I've gone grocery shopping on Monday mornings with a dear friend and her twins. And for a year, nooooo problem. One of the twins would always come with me.

Well, the "twos" hit, and both girls want to ONLY be with Mom. Nothing "Cool Aunt Hannah" could do would change the situation - And at this moment, I have to laugh, because at age two, apparently being pushed around in another grocery cart with a person you've known for a year is tantamount to treason against your mom.

So, I decided to kick it up a notch. Old. School. Bribery. In the name of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.

You've never seen a child so happy. And yes, I always thought I'd never bribe my own kids in a grocery store (and this isn't QUITE on that level...uh, because they aren't mine) but sometimes you just have to go with what works.

Thank you, Reeses.

Saturday, October 13

Sex Class at Covenant; Article on Sex with Robots

"There has been this trend in marriage where each partner gets to make their own choice of who they want to be with." ~ artificial intelligence researcher David Levy

When I first started reading this article on MSN about the sex with robots in the future, there was a point in which I thought, "Am I being ....Is it April Fools?" Nope. There is a deep part of me that is disturbed at this article. Probably because I recognize how self centered our culture is, so now Americans have categorized attraction and love to the point where we're looking for "exactly what we want" in a robot, booted up with everything we've ever desired in a husband/wife.

"Humans are very unusual creatures," Arkin said. "If you ask me if every human will want to marry a robot, my answer is probably not. But will there be a subset of people?

The ethical questions section of the article is especially challenging. Once again the image of God, the fundamental value of humans, is being challenged, and yet also unbelievers are trying to reduce abuse and crime.

But I think I'd rather recommend Professor Jay Sklar's message during Friday's chapel - titled "What is Sex?" He preached on it as a precursor to Scotty Smith's weekend class "Gospel Centered Sexuality." Dr. Sklar's talk is not up on the student website yet, but I'll try to upload it in a day or two. His message on sex being marital had a perspective I had never considered before, and I'm pretty sure many others had never imagined, either.

Friday, October 12

Never knew it would be that annoying

I've started the process of getting rid of my MySpace page. While doing so, I changed my password, which of course I promptly forgot. When I tried to log in repeatedly, MySpace prompted me to clear out my cookies, because maybe THAT was my problem. (Nope, just that sometimes I'm not the brightest bulb and my memory has started to go).

For the last two weeks, I've been hitting the "save this login/password/whatever" button.

And today I tried clicking on my Amazon Cart, repeatedly thinking, "NO! I KNOW I put that book in my 'to purchase' cart. I know I did.....
Oh. I'm not logged in."

sigh. They say insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

Thursday, October 11

Pulling the Trigger

Dear Jennie (and all of the other Internet Explorer users),

Surprise! Here is the new template. I'm off to go to a Ministry Lunch and so I don't have a lot of time to comment, except that whenever I change my template (the old one was in existence for almost 2 years) there are little snags that YOU won't notice, but they'll drive me nuts.

This one should be ok for IE because I just manipulated an existing Blogger template. (The old one didn't, because it was a true template hack job.)

So, this is my capitulation to IE. And you should download Firefox. It's better. Much better!

Tuesday, October 9


It’s easy to say that you have a lot of friends. But what you mean is “I have a lot of people in my life that I am pleasant to, and they are pleasant to me.”

That’s not friendship. It’s nice, but it’s not quite friendship.

There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. Prov 18:24

Want to know what that looks like in 2007? It looks like a phone call to a friend, in a city you haven’t lived in for 5 years. A phone call to your pregnant friend at 10:30 at night. “Tones, it’s me. My sister is stranded at the airport.”

Immediate response: “Do you want me to pick her up?”

I think I saw this friend in September 2006. Maybe for a day. I haven’t seen her in a year, and I haven’t talked to her for a few months.

“Do you want me to pick her up” are words of a friend. I don’t even know if my friend and sister had met, really interacted, before last night. After I had made the initial connection, she called me back and we talked while she drove down to the airport.

There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. I’ve always been taught that this Proverb is about Jesus. And it is.

And my friend was reflecting him and his compassion last night. And I am so grateful to my Lord for providing a wonderful sister on one hand and a wonderful friend on the other – a friend who is willing to help me and my family when we needed it.

Thank you, Tones.

Friday, October 5

Phone Call Overheard at the Bayer House

"Have a good Sunday....Me? No, I have the Peacemaking Class....Yes, The Peace Pipe class. We are Presbyterian after all."

Monday, October 1

New Blog

One of my favorite persons on the earth has started a blog. Here's to free Advertising...

You'll see the link on my blogroll (unless you use Internet Explorer, to which, I'm not sure what to say - except maybe I'll be able to work on my template around Fall Break?....errrr). Her blog is The Softer Side of Cynical. Man I love that girl!
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