Saturday, October 13

Sex Class at Covenant; Article on Sex with Robots

"There has been this trend in marriage where each partner gets to make their own choice of who they want to be with." ~ artificial intelligence researcher David Levy

When I first started reading this article on MSN about the sex with robots in the future, there was a point in which I thought, "Am I being ....Is it April Fools?" Nope. There is a deep part of me that is disturbed at this article. Probably because I recognize how self centered our culture is, so now Americans have categorized attraction and love to the point where we're looking for "exactly what we want" in a robot, booted up with everything we've ever desired in a husband/wife.

"Humans are very unusual creatures," Arkin said. "If you ask me if every human will want to marry a robot, my answer is probably not. But will there be a subset of people?

The ethical questions section of the article is especially challenging. Once again the image of God, the fundamental value of humans, is being challenged, and yet also unbelievers are trying to reduce abuse and crime.

But I think I'd rather recommend Professor Jay Sklar's message during Friday's chapel - titled "What is Sex?" He preached on it as a precursor to Scotty Smith's weekend class "Gospel Centered Sexuality." Dr. Sklar's talk is not up on the student website yet, but I'll try to upload it in a day or two. His message on sex being marital had a perspective I had never considered before, and I'm pretty sure many others had never imagined, either.

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