Wednesday, June 29

Where we are

Day one of unpacking

Day Two of unpacking

Plastic knobs?

How about an facelift!

Day Three was probably the most difficult - Adam put up all of the wall hangings, and that just takes a LONG time!

Adam has his office

And the view ain't half bad....

(The mist lifting off the mountains - amazing!)

The Official Reboot

Ok all you that I used to keep up with - Here we go! I am rebooting this blog. Now that I am no longer:

a) Busy beyond compare, forcing myself to work ridiculous hours, putting pressure on myself as the main breadwinner and succumbing to my fear of potential financial destitution (There will obviously be an upcoming post on fear of money and fear of the Lord)
b) Living in the world of confidentiality and always feeling uncomfortable sharing things even about myself, because I've gotten so used to keeping everything quiet (can we say, "overreacting?")

I will be hopefully keeping everyone in my St. Louis and Montana life apprised of our goings on here at CC. (Let's hope even more then keeping everyone updated, I will also be humorous, or at least interesting).

Next up: photos of the move....

With octaves of a mystic depth and height