Thursday, May 29

I fell off of the face of the earth

There's a deep part of me that wants to go to each of my friends and say, "I'm sorry. I know that engaged girls fall off the earth, and her friends are all wondering where she went and why she hasn't been around." When I was single, I assumed it was because there was this lovely world that I wasn't a part of, consisting of only the fiance and fiancee.

But instead, I have fallen off the edge of the earth because life has come at me so fast I barely have time to ...well, do anything anymore. It's a huge week of transitions.
Adam is starting Summer Greek and Exegesis (one of the hardest classes), I'm working, I have class, I'm starting a Counseling internship, we're both moving, my roommates are moving (so the really great year of living together is closing) and, oh, this little thing of planning a wedding in 10 weeks.

And it's Adam's birthday. Today. So off I go to try to (in the midst of packing, Greek class, Thank You Notes) let him know that I really do love him to pieces.

Monday, May 12

Finals week


The feeling when putting a textbook up on the bookshelf for the last time, knowing that you read it thoroughly, and didn't bomb the test. And it's now on the shelf.


Dogearing books. According to my Fiance.
"Do you DOGEAR books?!"
"...uh, no, of course not. Only when I'm writing a paper, referencing the book and it won't stay open. Kinda."
With octaves of a mystic depth and height