Thursday, May 29

I fell off of the face of the earth

There's a deep part of me that wants to go to each of my friends and say, "I'm sorry. I know that engaged girls fall off the earth, and her friends are all wondering where she went and why she hasn't been around." When I was single, I assumed it was because there was this lovely world that I wasn't a part of, consisting of only the fiance and fiancee.

But instead, I have fallen off the edge of the earth because life has come at me so fast I barely have time to ...well, do anything anymore. It's a huge week of transitions.
Adam is starting Summer Greek and Exegesis (one of the hardest classes), I'm working, I have class, I'm starting a Counseling internship, we're both moving, my roommates are moving (so the really great year of living together is closing) and, oh, this little thing of planning a wedding in 10 weeks.

And it's Adam's birthday. Today. So off I go to try to (in the midst of packing, Greek class, Thank You Notes) let him know that I really do love him to pieces.

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Sharon said...


At least three of the people you love will be remembered on their birthdays....since it is the SAME DAY!!!! Was that a requirement, by the way, in your choice:)

Keeping you both in my prayers.

Love, Auntie Sharon

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