Saturday, March 1

What Should I Blog about

"The problem is, I'm so inconsistent that only 2 or 3 people read my blog."

Not said by me, but very true about my own blog.

Taking cues from Addie and Molly:


  • A headache this morning, because of that stupid knot in my back
  • feeling behind in reading, but too scared to really see how much I need to do
  • Getting stuck in the ATL Airport on your way to San Antonio because Barak and Hillary are campaigning. Then, because you've been stuck for so long, the wedding you were flying to is now occurring, and you're still in ATL, you fly back to St. Louis. (This didn't happen to me, but my roommate's boyfriend. When he blogs about it, I'll link.)
  • Not being able to style my new haircut the way the girl did yesterday
  • Eww! The bullets on this template are horrendous. yuck. I'm too busy to try to figure out the code. They will stay.
  • Adam bringing over an "expensive" (for us) bottle of wine for dinner (the dinner he gave 4.5/5 stars)
  • home cooked lunch with these fabulous people (remember This? I got to meet the author!) I've now bookmarked their website.
  • Hanging out with the two men of the house - boyfriend of mine, boyfriend of roommate - just chatting, on a Saturday afternoon.
  • 60 degrees outside! we're taking a 5 minute walk, (because homework is a slavemaster.)
  • Having a job, getting my first paycheck!
  • An offhanded comment that he REALLY liking the bangs and the hair (without knowing I was frustrated because I couldn't style it 'right.')

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