Saturday, February 23

Thanks, MSN

MSN has an article, "The Top 10 Websites You've Never Heard Of" - Check it out.

Yesterday, I had a discussion with some co-workers about wanting to read Les Miserables, but as we talked about it, I thought "How am I ever supposed to get through that book, with life happening at light speed?

This morning I've signed up for DailyLit's emailed segments (there's 679!) and I've read one chapter. I know that I'll get behind, but I'm of the opinion that failing to do something perfectly but continuing to try is better than thinking, "oh, I'll never succeed at that."

I've also been sucked into "Damn Interesting," which has proven to be quite appropriate. Hopefully they'll have a lot of unusual history stories. Because I am a history junkie. I'm already planning what we can do when we visit Philly and DC in 3 weeks!

Finally, Adam and I watched "Michael Clayton" last night - Bruce Clark recommended it, so we downloaded the rental off of iTunes. Outside of having to wait for 4 hours for the 1 GB to download (Does that seem unusually long to anyone else?) it was convenient to not have to leave the house to get a rental. We did hook up speakers to my computer, because, let's face it, there really aren't good speakers on anyone's computer.

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