Thursday, February 14

Valentines Day, 2008

I still hate valentines day. (mostly.)

I declared this to one of my best guy friends this morning, and in one way it's very true.

Singles feel their single hood most acutely today, and many of those attached to another are either feeling the pressure to perform, or have resigned themselves to a moderate amount of effort - effort that may or may not meet the expectations of their significant other.

That all said, this has been a pretty darn decent (albeit sleep deprived) valentines day. Adam and I have plans for tomorrow, and I awoke early this morning to bake homemade cinnamon rolls (his favorite addiction) for VDay2008. I wonder what I've gotten myself into for future VDays.....

I'm however in full support of Molly's Black (lab) Thursday declaration, and loved this commercial she posted. You should watch it. It will make your Valentines day that much better.

And in honor of my cynical, jaded VDay self, the one that is still there a bit, I link to this post.

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Anne said...

My son calls V day "Singles Awareness Day". Cracked me up considering that he's 15.

I always hated Valentine's Day when my husband was deployed. I hated the commercialism of it and the emotional manipulation that comes with that. But most of all I hated that I was alone.

But Happy V Day anyway! :-)

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