Sunday, February 3

Trying this AGAIN for the 4th time

I've had a post written for about a week, and as time has gone on this week, I've tried to add to it. The problem is that Blogger's preview is not accurate to what is seen in Firefox. Of course I haven't checked it in IE, because IE is stupid.

So here I go again. It will be a mix of what was written and a few additional comments from today.

This was originally titled: Holiday Survey

I just received a "year in review" updated from a friend of mine, which reminded me to write a little something here.

A friend of mine asked how I had changed, since I've begun dating Adam. I couldn't think of anything at the time, but I realized shortly after that conversation that something has indeed occurred: I have dedicated hours of time cleaning up my iTunes "Coverflow." One of my boyfriend's personality traits is loving an organized iTunes. So he and I've been working on it for a few days.

Christmas break was great, and since I've had almost 6 weeks off, I'm ready for classes to begin. Classes last semester went very well. I'm finishing up my final 4 classes and will begin my counseling internship next year.

A great blessing in my day-to-day life has been my 5 roommates. 6 people living in one house has a good chance of bringing stress and frustration, but we've worked through the little conflict we've had, and each girl brings a lot of grace to the table. We also have bonded through our love of impromptu dance parties.

So, here is a picture montage of the month of January:

I went home and spent time with the Fam

Adam came home to Montana to celebrate my birthday and Christmas vacation. He survived a bunch of talkative German folk who get together frequently for coffee.

I celebrated my 25th birthday. At least that's was the median guess of my age.

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