Tuesday, June 21

Since 1991

My current "woo-hoo!" file contains this Read Through the Bible for Shirkers and Slackers." (via Megan via Anne) Yes, I not-so-proudly state that I am, indeed, a Bible reading shirker and slacker. I'm your typical "Start in Genesis and read through about Cain and Abel and then get distracted by some other thing and forget that I even tried to start reading through it" person.

On a really sad, pathetic note: the Monument (or "gravestone") to one of my first attempts still resides in my first Bible. At the beginning of each book of the Bible, they split it into easy-to-get-through sections with little check boxes. Oh, that wonderful sense of accomplishment! Within your very grasp - simply check the box off when you've finished it! (heh. right.)

Well, I think I started in 2nd Corinthians. I KNOW I got through Chapter 3, checking off the boxes with perfect little checkmarks. The reason I know I got through Chapter three? All those little empty boxes I didn't check off stare at me, forlorn. Unchecked. Since 1991.

So, I'm quite proud of myself that I've made it through a week of this present Read Through the Bible schedule. Yes, I almost fell asleep during Romans (Saturday night, reading right around 11:30 PM) But I've made it through all of them this week, so far.

The best part is knowing that if you miss a day, you're not really behind. In fact, you don't ever really have to "catch up." I recommend you read the article Margie wrote to go with the schedule ("Still Winter, 2002"). It's really humorous, and it might even inspire you to read through the Bible, too.


Megan said...

I wrote more about discovering the Ransom Fellowship folks here: http://megan.navstaff.com/index.php?p=106 last October (you can get their newsletters for free and they are GREAT!!!)

My favorite line from Margie's article with the reading program is this: “I knew it was going to take me longer than a year. And, after all, what is so inspired about doing it in a year? Nothing.”

Glad you found them too!

Ainsley said...

That's exactly the phrase that sold me, too! :)

And it does give freedom - I mean, what IS so inspired about 365 days?

Although, If I could, I would do the chronological Read-through-the-Bible plan. I just know that is too much for me to bite off.

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