Wednesday, June 8


Thanks to Divine Miss M, who, on request, went down to my room, rummaged through my incredibly messy room to find my devotionals, then through my mess of paper in front of my TV, all for a gift certificate that I had no clue where it was - and then ultimately decided I didn't need- in order to get a copy of Valley of Vision from our church's book nook.

Many thanks again, to Divine Miss M, for picking me up for lunch, but first driving me to church to kype said copy of Valley of Vision, and not getting really irritated when we walked in to find the copy gone. And thanks again for listening to me talk (in detail) about how I was going to swipe a copy from work and replace it with a copy that I'd order from the church later, obsessing over something fairly easy to come by.

Oh, and I ended up buying the copy from work, as it was the last one, and no one knew why we had it.

So, DMM, you ran me around for very little, except to once again prove to me and everyone else in the blogsphere that you are a most patient person.

Love ya. Have a good time this weekend.

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