Friday, June 10

Friday Photo Returns

Well, after letting my disciplined life go south for the last two weeks, I'm trying to pick it up again. And with that, I post a Friday Photo. That's the gracious landlord in front, The Bro next, with Ghetto Phone Boy driving (and blocked from sight by) Little Shoe Girl on the third 4-wheeler.

About this photo: it was taken last summer by DMM, not me.

Also, Most of my friends and readers also read Banty, who informed us of this blog, which I've added to the blogroll. If you haven't seen it, click through! I have to give it up to the Legal Bean. D, your photos are phenomenal.
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Dennis Rogers said...

Thank you dear, mighty kind of you. ;-) Thanks for the addition to the blogroll also. I look forward to more Friday Photos!

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