Monday, June 20

File under: Enjoying the simple things

Cleaning my room, thereby positively affecting my entire "can do" mood for the weekend/this week.

Finally getting MS Money and Outlook back on my iPaq, after it had crashed and my USB cord died 4 months ago. Yea! Order in my world again!

The look on Sports-Trivia-Guru GPB's face (playing "20 Questions" Board Game) when LSG discarded "Lou Gehrig" as his bonus round card, because she didn't know who he was. "Lou Gehrig? you discarded LOU GEHRIG? I woulda gotten that one!"

Laughing at LSG's excited and TOTALLY OUT OF PLAYING ORDER guess of "Ground Beef!" To the clue of "I sometimes come with tacos or burritos." Laughing even harder when she dejectedly stated, "I shoulda guessed beans," STILL out of playing order, RIGHT before it was her turn. Laughing really hard when I informed her it was now her turn, and the clue was "I can also come come crushed or frozen," and GPB said, "Maybe it is beans..?" (It was "A Margarita.")

Good Times. And by the way, the four of us got worked by the Madre at this game.

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