Tuesday, June 7

Keeping it Simplistic.

I'm trying to get through "Wild at Heart." I have looked it up on Diet of Bookworms and a few other searches, so I'm thoroughly aware of the book, its popularity and the serious manipulation and misuse of scripture to back up John Eldridge's personal theories. I'm on the 3rd chapter. Made it through a chapter and a half last night in about 45 minutes. It's a REALLY hard read {roll eyes}.

I'm already bringing my own bias to the book: You see, it's my-ex-The-Artist's book. And, yes, I've been asked - Then why would I read it? You broke up, remember? Well, he thinks its a really great book, and I think it would be a good way to establish passport with him. He already told me that I confuse him because I'm both the most loving person he knows, but also the most critical. (Mweheheh - Welcome to reformed theology 101! Your first class is now over. Have your assignments to me by Friday.)

So, I'm trying to get through this book, because I know when I return it he'll ask if I've read it and brace himself for a scathing critique. And while I Ab.So.lutely disagree so far with this book on so many levels that I can't count them, I'm hoping that perhaps by reading it, giving it the proper due it deserves (TRYing not to chuckle sardonically) and then giving some general disagreements, he might actually THINK through the theology of this book.

So far, it's theology is: God is in heaven, waiting and watching guys and what they do, delighting when men go out and be Men (Definition supplied by Mr. Eldridge). He's a God that takes Risks (capital R) and because Mr. Eldridge prefers the idea that God is like him (so far in the book, Mr. Eldridge doesn't seem to care much about being like GOD, because all those different traits of God seem to confuse Mr. Eldridge. Gotta keep things simple, here), he doesn't want to wrestle like Jacob did with God - but this time over the age old question of "Is God more in control, or is Man?" Well, He defaults to the answer of "Man - mostly because others have thought about God's sovereignty, Man's responsibility and it's all very confusing. So, go hang out in the wilderness! Fun times."

Also, I just got to the part where women's strength is in their beauty and their seduction. I am SO happy that women don't need to be critical thinkers, be wise, be productive and efficient, or be loving toward their children, being so strong in their own faith as to assist their children and husbands in their faith. Gosh, and to think that I just wasted 27 years of my life trying to live a faith-filled life, now to find out that the trait of seduction that I ALREADY possess is all I need.

Ok, I'm done for now. I'm sure I'll continue to rant about this book online because then I won't to The Artist, and avoid destroying any possible friendship we might have. And No, he doesn't know my webpage address.

One thing I do have to give up to Eldridge is that he desires guys to be masculine, and I'm all for that. There are few things better than seeing a capable, strong man at work. Trust me, I live in Montana. We have them. I like men who aren't femmie. I just don't think that the Bible elevates that characteristic to the level that Eldridge has.

I do have to say that I went from reading W.A.H. to "Pierced by the Word," by John Piper. Talk about sweet and filling spiritual food! And WHAT a juxtaposition!

But you would be fed with the finest of wheat;
with honey from the rock I would satisfy you."
PS 81:16

That's what a complete view of God is. Finest wheat and sweet honey. Ultimate Satisfaction.

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