Wednesday, June 22

One of these players is not like the others... (sing it with me!)

Marat Safin


Christian said...

Captain Jack Sparrow plays tennis? Who would have thunk it! He must be undercover, or perhaps he's vacationing...

Ainsley said...

Oh, that's good! The really funny thought would be to compare Marat to Captain Jack, keeping these Safin quotes in mind:

"Women are very delicate people so... it takes a little bit of time, you know, for them to calm down and really to think properly because they go with emotions, but then they use the head."

Marat Safin on whether his sister, Dinara Safina, was upset by his comments about her following her loss to Amelie Mauresmo.

Then, after being asked if his mother was accompanying them:

"No, she's not. Two women is too much for me."

Heh! Maybe they're not so far apart after all!

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