Sunday, February 5

Commercials - updated

Are commercials trying to balance the "Go Daddy"-like commercials? I thought the pre-start kinda-commerical with Harrison Ford was moderately amusing, (and clean) with it's rendition of "Oh, the places you''ll go."

But then there was the Burger King throw-back to the 30s "Whopperettes." Moderately clean, and the costumes looked fairly similar to what they were supposed to be - tomato, lettuce, mayo. Interesting and unique, if nothing else.

The Beer commercial didn't do it's job, because I don't remember if it was miller or bud. Kind of funny, but not really original, as everyone in the office is destroying it, looking for beer. forgettable.


Ok, Bud Light, with it's "Magic Fridge" was great! We all laughed.


Fed Ex, Great Job. The boys laughed throughout and it got good laughes at the end. Caveman's response to "Not my fault" was perfect.

Also, Bud light "Not Cool" was again pretty good, but the punchline was a little mundane. The last shot was humorous but "snort" humorous, not "laugh-worthy." Yup, I've now created a new category.


Piddy/Diet Pepsi "Brown and Bubbly." Sigh. boring and not one reaction from any of the 5 of us. I'm not really impressed by a lineup of famous people lipsincing.

I have no idea what to think of "V for Vendetta." I've seen two ads for it, and I'm still not sure if it's a "opening week," "Cine 7/The Buck theater" or "wait til rental" movie. Anyone?


Ha! "Cleaning the gutters." Good job again Bud light.
Ya know what? I've never noticed how much Bud Light spends on ads during the superbowl. Sheesh. At 2.5 mil for 30 seconds so far Budlight has shelled out at least 7.5 MILLION, and that first commercial could have been Bud Light, too.

LOST! ACCCCKKKK! We've got to catch up on the last 3 episodes.


ohhhhhh! The Diet pepsi/Jackie Chan "Stunt Double Diet Coke" - Ouch! But funny. Should have seen that one coming.

And Rimrock-whatever-local-car-dealership. I wonder how much they pay for commercials during this time slot.


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