Wednesday, February 1


1. What do you watch most?
On DVD, a tie between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the West Wing. Currently, Lost.

2. What would you be embarrassed to be caught watching even though you do watch it?
Uhhh, Project Runway.

3. Write yourself into a TV show.
Ya know, I don't really want to be on TV.

4. Replace someone in a TV show.
Kate on Lost.

5. Who would you like to see out of tvland forever?
Kirsty Ally

6. Who would you like to see back?
Rob Lowe

7. Entertainment or information?

8. What makes for a good viewing experience for you?
Snappy, Snarky dialogue. Sawyer's nicknames for the other survivors.

9. Have you ever had a great idea for a special niche cable channel (like the Golf Channel or Home and Garden TV)?
No, but I always thought it would be a good idea to have people choose which cable channels they wanted to pay for, so we wouldn't have to pay for Lifetime.

10. What was your favorite show when you were a kid?
Knight Rider

11. Most memorable moment of television?
In This White House - The West Wing. Republican Ainsley is hired in the Democratic White House and Sam Seaborn starts reading her the riot act at the end of the day.
"Sam, do you think there's any chance that you could be rude to me tomorrow? Tomorrow is Saturday; I will be here. You can call me and be rude by phone or you can stop by and do it in person. 'Cause I think if I have to endure another disappointment today from this place that I have worshipped, I am gonna lose it. So if you could wait until tomorrow, I would appreciate it."

12. Most memorable moment you'd just as soon forget?
I don't remember.

13. What would you like to see again?
Project Runway - I got hooked during a Marathon last Wednesday.

I pick Anne, Amanda et al, Melodee, Tulipgirl and DMM

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