Sunday, February 5

Blogging the Superbowl

- Stevie Wonder is a much better musician than the others who were with him, but really - Do we need to be preached to by a performer? Besides, as Madre mentioned, his "its not about the religion, it's about the Relationship" was addressed by Pastor Alfred a few weeks ago, and posted by DMM.

Secondly, Poor Aaron Neville, who obviously couldn't hear the accompanying music, but did a great job, none the less. He did much better than Pink, who had the same thing happen to her about 6 years ago at the Grammys or AMAs. Can't remember which.

And bleh. Aretha did Aretha. Not my cup of tea when the National Anthem is performed.

I can't really cheer for either team. So, I'll watch the commercials with glee.

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