Sunday, February 5

Commercials II

:( I missed the 0ne bud light commercial because I was blog surfing. The guys laughed all the way through it. Had to do with animals? I'll do a search. (9 Mil)

And Cadillac - nice commercial! Very compelling. I think we want 5 of 'em. ;)

Dove. Far to easy to be snarky about the self-love campaign. But then again, I've never looked to self to try make myself feel better.


Michalob - THAT was good Superbowl watching! "And now you are closed!" Good, sarcastic look at "light beer commercials."


Go Daddy is stupid. I'm not linking because come on. Could you have SOME ingenuity? here - I'll link to this.

Quoth GPB: "That'll Flop." re: Poseidon


Ok, I missed a bunch - we ate the obligatory Super Bowl Chicken Wings. I tried to be good and got the "naked wings" from Buffalo Wild wings, but I think I would have been more satisfied with the normal boneless wings.

Alright: "I think I told you I work with a bunch of monkeys" "Yeah, I work with a bunch of Jackasses." I chuckled - especially with the Donkey in the suit pants!

And worriesome (at the beginning) but good at the end: the H3 "It's a little monster." Good punchline.


Sprint "Song for everything." just....wierd.

And we've been Emereld Nuts commercial fans for a while. "Druid" networking. That's good.


YEA! Pirates II! Johnny Depp love felt all around the world.

And Mastercard's "McGyver" homage? Priceless! "The little things that get you through the day - one of the better Mastercard commercials they've done.


And I'm signing off for the night. Most of the commercials are now local or ...not funny. I leave you with my favorite commercials on TV.

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