Thursday, February 23

Holy Weddings Batman! (Vote now)

Within a 1 hour period yesterday, I listened to a voicemessage asking for my address so my friend could send me a wedding invitation for April 29th and received two wedding invitations, one for April 8th and one for the 15th. So I guess April is the new June.

It's just wedding mania - I can't believe how many weddings are on my radar right now - iTones is getting married in May (in Prague!), her reception is in July, and then these three. Madre always says that weddings come in packs, or bunches, and I'm believing her. When it rains, and all that.

As for going to any of these weddings, April 8th is out - I'd go, but I'll be out of town. I'm actually going to be in Minneapolis, the place where "April 29" will be having her wedding. I'm the most bummed that I won't be able to go to that one - she and I had hoped (without planning) that her wedding would magically fall on the weekend I'd be out in the Cities.

The REALLY REALLY hard one is April 15th. It's on the day between Good Friday and Easter! But here are the circumstances: K (bride) and W (groom) are buddies of mine from my second job. They are literally 2 out of 4 people I'm friends with that aren't associated with a) my church b) my main workplace or c) my family - Which Madre rightly commented last night "All three are really the same thing." I love both K and W, and to make matters (or guilt!) worse, I think I'm the only one from my 2nd job that they invited! But they are also getting married 6 hours away, the DAY BEFORE EASTER. Have I mentioned this? ugh.

Every time I decide against it, I think "Of all the weddings I want to go to - barring family ones - THIS would be the wedding I'd love to go to!"

So here's a poll (I like multiple choice, so you can too - just tell me in the comments which order you picked!):

What should I do about the wedding on April 15th?
Go! Dancing! Food! the bride is a blast the groom is hilarious and Easter comes around every year! It's a wedding full of new people! Drive back Sun.
Go! Just get up at 6 the next morning, Drive back with your friend Mr. Espresso, and make it in time for the extendeds' celebration of Easter!
Go! Find someone from 2nd job to go, or hire someone to drive with you. (LSG! Where are you when I need you!??) Drive back at 6 am Sunday.
Don't go! Take K and W out for a nice dinner, Spend the gas money and hotel cost on 'em and go dancing afterward. Almost as fun, much less $$
Don't go! And Don't do that previous option! You're a Sunday School teacher for crying out loud!
Don't go! Throw a huge 2nd job party with all of the 30 and under crowd (Plus the Awesome-Coworker-over-30-Guru-of-all-things-Outdoors)
Don't go! Buy yourself something nice from Banana Republic. I'M. JUST. KIDDING!
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