Tuesday, February 14

If you thought the Muslim riots were bad...

It's just getting started.

Inflammatory Cartoon Draws Intense Reaction from Reformed Baptists

A cartoon depicting Puritan author and allegorist John Bunyan as a theological terrorist has brought bitter and acrimonious responses from Reformed Baptists around the globe. The image, originally published in the Presbyterian denominational magazine Paedo has been circulated widely and has been decried by religious leaders of all faiths as abhorrent. The editors of Paedo defend the decision to publish the cartoon, citing the cherished freedom of one denomination being able to openly mock another. Cartoon artist Archie Sprawl describes the image "I was trying to portray the violence I felt Bunyan does to the biblical text in regards the issue of baptism. I guess it got blown out of proportion a bit."

Arliss Peabody, President of the Bunyan Fan Club and Pastor of Sovereign Providential Grace Reformed Baptist Church (Pictured Below) echoed the sentiments of many, "We are not happy about this, and won't take it lying down. As you can see, we are not smiling more than usual, A lot more."

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