Friday, August 26

I'm a hypocrite

In this contest your challenge is to take modern products and display them in a vintage light, through advertisements.
From Worth 1000.

A Better, Larger, Clearer version

I'm a hypocrite because I think the dig at Starbucks is accurate and funny. And I'm still going to visit this business - frequently.

A word of warning: Worth 1000 is a cool website, a compilation of contests of the best and funniest photoshopped images under different categories (for example, "Mate a Movie" merges two movies to make a funnier version - "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" includes another famous Smith - not Brad Pitt.) I didn't see a lot of inappropriate images, except in the "Vintage Ads" category. A few of them were sexual in nature, and I'd rate of them as PG-13 to R. So, enjoy, but be aware that those are there.

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