Thursday, August 25

Back to School, Reading Blogs

Dear LSG (and everyone else),

You're back at school! And now that you're back, you'll be studying, studying, studying and...reading blogs. So, here's my update on what I read daily. (most of these are on my blogroll, but, eh. I need something to write about...)

Brittle Crazy Glass. DMM is my good friend, who lives directly upstairs for the next two days, before she moves to her new home. :) DMM, we need an update! It's almost been a week!

Dooce. LSG, we know better than for you to check the blog, of course. The rest of you, this is one of the funnier, crass-but-not-overwhelmingly-offensive weblogs on the web. She's also the most frequently read private blog in blogdom.

LarkNews. Some months its better than The Onion in satire. Actually, it IS funnier. Especially finding out your Horoscope and your Prophetic word. I highly recommend.

Of course, Ask The Pope, but LSG, you already know about it. You'll get to know Pope Benedict in ways you'd never think possible.

For the very best reminder of home: LBImaging.

See Life Differently and Palm Tree Pundit have both been on mini-hiatus, as has Le Sabot, but worthwhile blogs when you have more time to browse and read.

For the exercise of your brain, The Banty Rooster and his sister, The Radley Porch.

And finally, the blog I'm reading with much of the anticipation every day is The Shoe Blog by the Monolo. He rocks in every way. This is the blog of the clean, funny and informative, and Little Shoe Girl, It revolves around SHOES! More importantly, his latest entries have been on the shoes of the tennis! Can we ask for more? I think not.


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