Tuesday, August 30

Noooooooooooooooo! and Random Thoughts on the US Open

Madre made both of these points:

So, (1) this will probably be the last time American Express makes a tongue in cheek assumption about Andy's Mojo; (ackkk, you've got to watch the conclusion for true irony)

But (2) we don't believe in jinxing.

(Insult to injury: It was Andy's birthday).

Still, it's quite unbelievable that we won't get to see Roddick for the rest of the US Open. While I am always an Agassi fan first, Roddick has been moving up in the Ainsley stock lately.

-I'd MUCH rather have heard Brad Gilbert call this game, instead of McEnroe. McEnroe and Courier blather on about themselves far too much, saying nothing of consequence or interest about the players or their game. Gilbert is even handed, speaks from the view of a coach, therefore not needing to deal with the monstrous ego McEnroe can't see around.

-Second in the Noooo! category is that LSG and my favorite former-number-one-now-underdog once again has lost. As much as I admire Federer's game, am astonished by Safin, and grow to like Roddick, all the while loving Andre, nothing will keep me from watching -if they show the match - and cheering on Fererro. No matter how many times he loses!

(Photo from www.usopen.org . )


Little Shoe Girl said...

He is losing because his outfits are boring. Plain and simple. If you look good, you win. Federer has awesome outfits designed by Nike and he wins. Lacoste is expensive and a cool company to be sponsored by, Andy, but they are not very original. (J/K)

Ainsley said...

Ya know, Courier was saying, "Back to the drawing board, Andy," last night. Obviously, it means bypassing the baseline and net game, and going straight for the runway drawing board first.

The Mojo has been lost because of the clothes. Monolo would add, "Shoes!"

YOB said...

Hey Ains and LSG -- I think I know what you're driving at, but if outfits meant victory, wouldn't Anna Kournikova be, like, a legend by now? Nike did a nice job -- a very NICE job -- with her but regardless of what Spike Lee said, it ain't the shoes!

Now Maria Sharapova... she's got the clothes and the game!

Ainsley said...

And the screeching grunt.

With octaves of a mystic depth and height