Saturday, August 20

A Tale of Two Movies

Within the last 4 days, I've watched two movies that both firmly live within the category of "Chick Flick."

The first, "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" sounds as though guys would go running, and honestly, they very well should. BUT, it was a date with my sister, and we both thought it was fairly cute and even a bit poignant. By the world's standard this movie is squeeky clean. By ours, it's better than average. I'd say that most people on Christian Spotlight had it right. There are a few there that took some parts a little too seriously, but as you get older, I guess you're just relieved when a movie gets through itself without those scenes that make you go, "why would they put that in there!?"

Which is the perfect segue my second movie, "The Wedding Date." Now that the guys went screaming for the exits on "Sisterhood," ladies, it's your turn. I can't tell you how glad I am that things prevented my sister and me from going to this in the theater a few months ago. I can say with full confidence that there is not a movie I can recall that nears this one in utter ...."terrible-ness." It's just horrid.
Mostly it feels as though they showed the movie to preview audiences, got such a bad review that they went back and forced it into formula. Beyond that, the script obviously wasn't very good to begin with, and with the choppy editing, you have no idea why Dermot Mulroney would fall for Debra Messing's character. I agree with Christian Spotlight again: She's always beautiful in the movie, but it's not enough for this movie. And I'm not that picky of a romantic comedy watcher.

To be perfectly honest, at the end I wished they would remake it with a FAR better writing, directing and editing. They really ruined it. Like the one lady says, just go watch Pretty Woman again.

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