Thursday, August 11

Well, most people don't anyway, so do we really need to?

Late one night, at the event I recently went to oversee, the instructor teaching basic Peacemaking skills noticed that a page was "missing" from the manual going over the "Four G's of Reconciliation." (Glorify God, Get the Log out of your own eye, Gently Restore, Go and be Reconciled) She figured out the mystery, and said this to the students the next day:

"As I was preparing to teach this, I noticed something. If you look at page 24, you'll see that 25 seems to be missing and it jumps to page 26. Now, you'll also notice that it's the second "G" - "Get the Log out of your own eye" that is missing. And as that's my least favorite "G" of the four, I wasn't too upset. BUT if you turn page 26, you'll notice that the page was just bound backwards and page 25 is there. So, we'll still have to keep "Get the Log out," but I suppose it's good that we not mess with scripture."

I get to work with the funniest people ever.

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