Friday, April 15

Random Real Life Quotes

Co-worker, Looking at an "ASAP" note from a different department: "Once again, they seem to think I have psychic powers."

(Don't ask me why - perhaps the giddiness from actually GETTING TO WEAR JEANS today - caused me to laugh out loud at that. Likely her incredibly dry tone contributed to it.)

Ains (talking to The Artist, who isn't feeling well): The Madre and LSG get colds WAY worse than others. They'll have the same bug as everyone else and it'll just feel so. much. worse for them.
The Artist: Yeah, but LSG gets hurt drinking Coca-Cola. Let's keep this in perspective.
Ains: Oh, I'm so going to blog that, and she's going to kick your butt! (Laughing hysterically)

(Explaination: The reason why that is SO funny is that LSG gets hurt ALL THE TIME. Doing Nothing. Nothing at all, and she'll get hurt. Her phone banner is "I'm fragile.")

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LIttle Shoe Girl said...

Let's just say it is not easy chugging carbonated beverages. I am so offended! The Artist is definitely in trouble. My injuries are always heroic in every way! --I don't believe this, I am thousands of miles away and I still am being made fun of!--

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