Thursday, April 28

Please Pray

Just wanted to request prayer from my faithful readers - I'll be in a 3-day training event to learn how to Mediate and Arbitrate Christian Conflict. I was going to link to the following description, but it's halfway down the webpage. Maybe Christian can teach me how to link to the middle of the page, someday.

Certification Practicum
The Certification Practicum is an intense, three-day application of advanced conciliation skills in the context of real-life mediation-arbitration and arbitration scenarios. This training is designed to give you a clearer vision of God's grace in conciliation and a deeper understanding of biblical law. Advanced, complex role-plays help you to gain experience and a better understanding of the med-arb and arbitration processes, as well as the ICC Rules of Procedure. The Certification Practicum is held at least once each calendar year.

So, I'm going downstairs now to finish the homework assignment I need done before 7:30 tomorrow AM. Divine Miss M, I am so not used to writing late at night. I've gotten soft with old age and regular employment.

I appreciate your prayers for stamina and wisdom - even though the role-plays are fictional, I'm still graded on my arbitration decision. AND that I'll learn a lot through it. I have yet to go to a Peacemaker event where I don't... :)

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Anne said...

Praying here, Ainsley. It sounds like a very cool thing...

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